Family Bail Bonds | Galveston, TX

ASAP Bail Bonds has reunited countless families over many years with our affordable family bail bonds Galveston, TX. Life happens, and momentary impulses can be hard to control. Don’t let one moment’s mistake keep you away from your family longer than necessary. Our bail bond services can help you return to your family quickly.

Family Bail Bonds Galveston, TX

Don’t let your family wait for your return. Take action and post the right family bail bonds to get back to them ASAP.

I’m stuck in jail – what can I do?
All hope is not lost when you’re arrested! Although it might take some time, everyone has the right to post bail and free themselves (Unless they allegedly committed a severe crime, such as murder.). Take matters into your own hands and post bail to free yourself during the period before your official trial.

However, you have to remember that posting bail isn’t a “get away scot-free” card. It is a monetary agreement with the court that if you pay this lump sum of money, you will appear in court on the specified date. If you break any part of the deal, such as skipping town or getting caught for another crime, you’ll be thrown in jail, but this time, you may not have another chance for bail. If there is another chance, it could be harder to obtain, or simply more expensive to do so.

The person who posted your bail, whether it’s yourself, a family member, a friend, or a bail bond agent, will be responsible for ensuring you show up to court. After all, they will be held responsible if you don’t. Of course, they won’t be thrown into jail themselves or anything drastic. However, they won’t be getting the money they used to post your bail back.

If you find yourself in jail, don’t let that keep you away from your family or any other important societal matters, such as work or school. Post the right family bail bonds from ASAP Bail Bonds and reunite with your friends and family. Our experienced agents are only a quick call away.

Choosing Different Types of Family Bail Bonds Galveston, TX

Our bail bonds company has several bond services to match a variety of circumstances. Our agent can help you post the one that will help you return to your family ASAP. Whether you fill out our online forms beforehand or call our Galveston office with questions, we can help you expedite the complicated process. The most common types of family bail bonds include the following:

  • Cash Bonds – These bonds are the most common and are usually accepted by any and all courts. With a cash bond, you front the full total of the bail by paying in cash, credit, or debit. No other payment method is accepted with a cash bond. Sometimes, the court will specifically designate a cash bond for your release.
  • Surety Bonds – These bonds are the 2nd most common and are usually selected by most of our clients. With a surety bond, you put up a collateral that equates to the bail amount. Our agent will pay the bail for you, and we’ll hold onto the collateral until you pay us back through a payment plan we agreed upon beforehand.

Once the court receives the payment, they will send a notice to the jail you’re in to release you. With the right family bail bonds, you’ll be free to return to your family and friends until your official court date. If you are found not guilty, you or whoever posted your bail will be eligible for a refund and get your money back.

Family Bail Bonds Galveston, TX

The longer you stay still, the longer you stay away from your family. Get yourself out with Family Bail Bonds Galveston, TX.

Other Uncommon Types of Family Bail Bonds

Sometimes, the simple, most-used family bail bonds aren’t enough to reunite with your family. However, there’s no need to panic because ASAP Bail Bonds is an experienced bail bond company with services that match our years of experience. We also have different services to match even the most unique situations:

  • Personal Recognizance (PR) Bonds – Usually, these are only available to first-time offenders. If the judge decides that a defendant is responsible, committed a light crime, or is highly unlikely to flee, they will offer a PR bond, which waives the bond fee altogether.
  • Transfer Bonds – These bonds only work in a situation where you are in jail in an area far from your home address, such as a different state. However, only the bail bonds company within the county of your home address has financial responsibility for you, so you can’t rely on any of the nearby companies to free you. Transfer bonds can free you from your jailed state, so you don’t have to stay in a foreign jail for long.
  • Federal Bonds – Not everyone ends up in a county jail. Some people find themselves in a federal jail, and only a federal bond can free them from their imprisonment. However, federal bonds are the most complex type of bond, and you’ll need an experienced bail bonds agent to expedite the process without problems. Luckily, ASAP Bail Bonds has a team of experienced members.

If I don’t know how to post my bond, can I get someone else to do it?
Yes! That’s what our team is here for! When you call ASAP Bail Bonds, any one of our available agents can help you post bail so that you can reunite with your family and friends as soon as possible. We can either guide you through the process, or we can represent you and post bail on your behalf.

Family Bail Bonds Galveston, TX

The quickest family bail bonds available are from ASAP Bail Bonds. So, let’s get you home pronto.

Let’s Get You Home to Your Family

It can take a long time for your official court date to arrive. Some only have to wait a few days or even a few weeks. However, others may wait months for the trial to happen. Rather than waiting that long to see your family’s faces, post the right family bonds and get yourself out of there.

Call our Galveston County office to get the quickest family bail bonds in the area. Our Galveston office has contacts with the local county jails, so we can quickly connect with the right people for you. Our family bail bonds will help you meet your family.

Galveston, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Before the Great Storm of 1900, which devastated the city, Galveston was the 2nd richest in the country.
  • The first bakery in the state was opened in 1938 in Galveston.
  • The city was named after Spanish governor and general Bernardo de Galvez.