The Consequences of Not Showing Up To Your Court Date: Bounty Hunter Edition

If you are a family member or friend wondering what happens if your loved one doesn’t attend their court date after posting bail, then this is the information you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re the one who has just been bailed out, and you’re trying to see what will happen if you don’t go for your assigned court date. Either way, the information is the same and something that you might want to think about carefully.

If someone bailed you out or you bailed someone out, that is because you don’t want them to be in jail until their court date. The reality is from the time you’re arrested till the given court date; there are months and sometimes years in between. So, it’s great that you were able to post bail, but what you do after matters.

Maybe you got the help of a bail bond company to bail you out. In that case, you probably have some money sitting with them and some that you’re paying back. It’s important that you consider that if you don’t attend the court date, no matter the kind of case, you won’t be able to get your money back. The contract signed states that once you are released, you’re obligated to pay back the amount they assisted you with. In addition, once you attend court, the county will refund the amount in full back to the bail bond company.

So, think about the money you would be forfeiting if you didn’t show up to court. Now, if you’re thinking about skipping, there’s some information you should know. So, let’s dive into the consequences of not showing up.

Consequences of Not Showing Up To Your Court Date

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Think twice about not attending your assigned court date.

Failure to appear on the given court date is called bail jumping. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but it is something that should be reconsidered. In this case, there are both civil and criminal consequences.

Let’s look at the criminal consequences. You can be sent back to jail if you don’t attend court. How, you might ask? A judge can place a bench warrant for your arrest. And this means that if an officer runs your name in the system, they can arrest you. In addition to this, the bail bonds company you used can hire a bounty hunter and have you arrested.

When it comes to the civil consequence, this is what you should consider. In some cases, homes, cars, and property are used to pay for bail. So, as the person who put down their property, you’re at risk of losing it. And on the other hand, if you’re the defendant, you’re risking their property, and that is something that you might not be able to pay back.

Let Our Bail Bond Agents Keep You Accountable

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