Consequences of Getting DWIs

So to begin with, a DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. This means that you have some alcohol in your system while you are driving. However, you cannot get intoxicated while driving.

Consequences of Getting DWIs

Consequences of Getting DWIs.

The absolute limit for blood alcohol content is .08 percent. However, Texas is very hard on offenders in matters of driving after having consumed alcohol. This means that you can get arrested and charged even if your blood alcohol content is below the limit.

If you get arrested after having been caught drunk driving or something similar, then you may face jail time for doing so. In that case, you may need some reliable help to get out of prison.

Consequences of Getting a DWI

There are severe consequences for getting a DWI. Not to mention, the consequences get higher and higher after that same person has already committed a crime that involves alcohol.

Consequences of Getting DWIs

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To begin with, if you get a DWI, then you can get up to three solid days of jail time. If there is an open container of alcohol in your car, then the punishment is even worse. On top of that, if you are caught, your driver’s license can get suspended for three months, or even a whole year.

In this case, this can prove incredibly troublesome or dangerous for you. Especially if you need to drive to your workplace every day, or if you have a family to support. In addition, if you are convicted again, then they will suspend your driver’s license for even longer.

In short, if you cannot afford to lose your license or stop driving, then you should not risk it. Also, you could also face large fines in the event of a conviction as well. If you cannot afford to risk that either, then you should play it safe instead.

What Else We Can Do to Help You

Since getting caught drunk driving is so high risk, then you should avoid doing so whenever you can. However, people do make mistakes. If you end up needing to get out of prison while you wait for your trial, or if you need to help someone else out, then consider our services.

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