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If you are currently looking for a Conroe TX Bondsman Near Me, ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help. The bail bond process is so much easier to get through with a company full of experienced and dedicated bail bond agents. We work to release our clients in the fastest times, and we always do so with a smile on our faces.

Nobody wants to stay in an uncomfortable jail cell, and not everyone has to. While, in some cases, bail can be denied completely, there usually is a way to wait for your upcoming trial in the comforts of your home. So don’t wait too long and get in touch with the team here at ASAP Bail Bonds at your earliest convenience. To learn more about our team of experienced bail bond agents, call (936) 494-0100.

Bail Bonds in Texas

In Texas, a defendant must pay the courts a certain amount of money if they wish to be released after an arrest. If and when the bail is paid, the accused will be released from their custody and await trial in the comfort of their home. On the other hand, if bail is not posted, the defendant will more than likely remain in custody until the date of their court hearing.

The amount that a person posting bail has to pay depends on the offense and the court which is hearing the case. There are other factors that will determine what the amount will be. Some special cases can lean on a personal recognizance release. A PR release, as it is also called, gives defendants the chance to await trial in the comfort of their home without having to pay anything at all.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay the full amount, you do have the option of hiring a company to post bail on your behalf. The way this works is that they will charge you a fee that’s only a portion of the full amount of bail. They will then post bail on your behalf. When posting bail, you should keep in mind that you also agree to abide by certain conditions stated by the courts.

Get out of jail fast, call us today.

Get out of jail fast, call us today.

By following all the conditions precisely, you’ll have the money posted returned to the rightful recipient, whether it was you that paid the bond in full or a bail bonding company. However, if you miss out on one of your required court appearances, expect the bond to be forfeited and kept by the court.

What to know

There are certain things you should keep in mind when going through the bail process and looking for a bail bond service. For one, you should know what bail is. In short, bail is the amount of money that’s paid to courts when the arrested person wishes to stay at home while they wait for the trial.

This system of bail bonds helps courts ensure that defendants actually appear at their court appearances. This is why when you miss a court date, you automatically forfeit the bond. On the flip side, if you make all the required appearances, the money posted will be returned.

Here are three ways you can post bail:

  • Cash bail
  • Bail bond
  • Property bond

Cash bail consists of the defendants paying the full amount to the courts. This can be done either in cash or with a check. A bail bond is a situation we went over a few paragraphs ago, where you hire a bail bondsman to post bail on your behalf for a fee, of course. A property bond involves you putting one of your properties up for lien, and the property is usually a house.

How do they work?

Out of all the ways that people post bail, bail bonds are definitely the most common way to post bail, especially for severe charges. The way it works isn’t too complex, with more severe offenses often requiring a higher amount for bail. When defendants are unable to post bail, they are free to get the services of a bail bondsman company. This type of company is very helpful, especially for a very high bail amount.

Save time by processing paperwork electronically.

Save time by processing paperwork electronically.

While the company will post bail on your behalf, you will be charged a fee for the service. The fee you pay to your bail bond company is called a bail premium. This fee is usually around 10 percent of the full amount you would have to pay. Please remember that if you make all the court dates, the company will recoup the money they put in for your release. However, the bail premium is always nonrefundable.

Even worse, if you miss a court date, you’ll be left solely responsible for paying the company all the money that they posted for your release. And if you think you’ll be able to get away with not paying, you should note that the company is free to take legal action against you in order to recoup its losses.

The amount you’ll pay

Courts will set a pre-trial amount for bail, depending on the criminal charge they charge you with. Obviously, felonies usually have a higher bail than misdemeanors. If you’re fortunate enough, you may be able to be released without even posting bail. The other side of the coin is that some courts won’t give you the option of posting bail at all.

Fastest bail bond service around

Fastest bail bond service around

There are different bond schedules, and different courts will have varying rules and stipulations. The bond schedule serves as a rubric for the amount for bail of each criminal offense. However, judges can lower or raise bail, depending on the circumstances that are present. Here are some factors that will play a role in changing the amount of bail you’ll have to pay:

  • How severe the crime is
  • Any prior convictions
  • Restraining orders
  • Whether the defendant was on probation during the arrest
  • Whether the defendant is a flight risk
  • Or if the defendant is a risk to someone else’s safety

Conroe TX Bondsman Near Me

When looking for a Conroe TX Bondsman Near Me, you can count on ASAP Bail Bonds to get you the fastest service around. Get in touch with our bail bond agent by calling (936) 494-0100. For more information on our bail bond services and the team here at ASAP, visit our website. Don’t wait too long. Make us your Conroe TX Bondsman Near Me today.

Conroe TX Fun Facts

  • Originally known for its lumber and oil industries
  • The original name was “Conroe’s Switch”
  • The area saw an influx of residents in the late 19th century
  • Learn more about Conroe TX here