How to Obtain a Cash Bail

So you’ve just been arrested, and the judge has granted you a cash bail. The only problem is you don’t have that amount of money in your account to pay for cash bail. In fact, most people do not have the amount of money in their account to pay for cash bail.

So what do you do? Your trial may not be for several weeks or even months. Therefore, sitting in a cell is not ideal. It can be difficult for your family, and you could end up losing your job. Sitting in jail awaiting trial can have a whole lot of negative effects on your life. So how does one obtain a cash bail?

How to Obtain a Cash Bail

You don’t have to sit in jail. Obtain a cash bail today.

What is a Cash Bail

Let’s first discuss what cash bail is. Bail money is a fee one has to pay to get out of jail while they await trial. Cash bail just simply means you pay cash, card, or check. Cash bail is the most straightforward type of bail.

The judge grants defendants bail based on their record, the severity of their crime, and whether or not they are deemed a flight risk. If you have been granted a cash bail amount for more than you can afford, do not despair. There are options out there that can help you get the money you need.

Obtaining a Cash Bail

When it is time to obtain your bail money, there are a few ways you can go about it. One way is you can ask family and friends to chip in. There may be someone who has enough money to help you. Plus, if you show up to your court dates on time, there is even a chance you can get your money back. This is excellent, but it is extremely important that you show up. The court does not accept any excuses for missing out on a court date. If you do miss your court date, you won’t get your money back.

Another option you can do is call a bail bondsman to help pay for it. What you do is contact a bail bonds company and ask request for a cash bail. You will need to give them some information, such as your full name, the jail where you are being held (including the city and state), and how much the bail is.

How to Obtain a Cash Bail

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Because most people do not have the amount of money in their bank, most bail bond companies only require about 10% of the bail amount. Therefore if your bail is set at $3,000, you would only have to pay $300. That may still seem like a lot of money to pay upfront, but it certainly beats paying the full amount. Plus, many bail bond companies often offer payment plans.

It is important to note that you still have to show up to your court dates. Bail does not mean you are off the hook. It is simply a guarantee that you will show back up to court. If you use a bail bonds company to pay your bail and you default on your court appearance, the bail bonds company has every right to come after you with a warrant and bring you in.

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