Can a Local Bail Bondsman Help with a PR Bond?

Yes, a local bail bondsman can help you apply for a personal recognizance bond. Commonly known as PR bonds, these bail bonds are one of the bonds that ASAP Bail Bonds is experienced with handling. Unlike other bonds, you can’t apply for one from any bail bond company that you come across in Galveston. If anything, they’re only granted to certain individuals under strict circumstances.

Can a Local Bail Bondsman Help with a PR Bond?

Our local bail bondsman can explain everything there is to know about PR bonds. Let ASAP Bail Bonds help you smooth out the process.

The Circumstances of a PR Bond

First of all, rather than dreading getting issued a PR bond, you should be grateful for one. Let’s start with how the general bail bond process usually takes action. Before you even speak with a local bail bondsman, you get to stand before the judge.

The judge will then review your case, check your criminal history, and glance over your personal relations, social life, and general background. Once they have all the necessary information, they’ll decide on a bail amount – basically, the amount of money you or anyone else will have to pay to free you before your trial. After this point, you can usually call a local bail bondsman to bond you out.

So, where does a personal recognizance bond come in? PR bonds are bonds granted by the judge in favor of the defendant. They’re only offered to defendants that have a clean criminal record, little flight risk and were arrested for a non-serious offense. Instead of paying a bail amount, PR bonds waive that away in exchange for a strict promise that the defendant will appear for their court trial.

For example, the promise can include several prohibitions. It can include the general basics of not breaking any more laws, no alcohol, and the defendant to stay within a certain area before the trial. However, like other bail agreements, if the defendant breaks their bail, the court can put out a warrant for their arrest, and their bail will be revoked.

How a Local Bail Bondsman Can Help with a PR Bond

Can a Local Bail Bondsman Help with a PR Bond?

A local bail bondsman is your personal guide to the bail bonds process. Call ASAP Bail Bonds to learn more.

You don’t have to immediately file for the PR bond when you’re given the chance. There are a few pros and cons that you should consider before you jump on the chance. A local bail bondsman can help you parse out the details so that you can get out in as short an amount as possible.

Although PR bonds will allow you to skip the bail payment, there are strict restrictions that you have to follow. Not to mention, it might take longer to process a PR bond than your typical bond, so you might get stuck in jail for longer than intended, depending on the judge’s schedule.

If you would rather leave jail to continue going on with your everyday life, it might be faster to check out the other bail bond services available. ASAP Bail Bonds has a local office in Galveston that you can rely on. Fill out our online forms to expedite the process, or call our office to learn more about which bonds work best for your situation. Our local bail bondsman can guide you through the process or post bail for you.