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Professional Payment Plan Bail Bonds | Brazoria TX

Brazoria TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds are a great option when you don’t want to pay the full amount of bail upfront. With a bail bond payment plan, all you have to do is pay a portion of the full amount and take care of the rest over time. A payment plan bail bond is essentially an agreement that allows for the defendant to pay bail over a longer timeframe. This type of bail bond is used commonly in cases with serious charges like murder and other capital felonies.

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Brazoria TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Brazoria TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds can help you get out of jail fast.

Brazoria TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Payment plan bail bonds are a type of surety bond that lets the defendant pay to post bail in long-term installments. This is the perfect option for defendants facing serious charges, as these can require a higher bail. The company chosen by the defendant will post bail on their behalf and, in doing so, charge a bail premium. Typically, the bail premium ranges between 10 and 20 percent of the full bond payment.

How much money the defendant must pay depends on how serious the charge is and other factors as well. Some factors that can affect how much a defendant must pay for pretrial release include:

  • If The Defendant Is A Danger To The Community
  • Active Restraining Orders
  • The Severity Of The Crime In Question
  • If The Defendant Is A Flight Risk
  • If The Arrest Happened During Probation
  • Any Prior Convictions

While posting bail is available in many cases, there are instances when a court can deny bail completely. This is normally the case for more serious charges, like murder and other capital felonies. For crimes as serious as these, it’s probably safe to assume that the defendant will wait for their trial behind bars.

Some defendants are fortunate enough to be released without any money having to be paid. Defendants can be released on personal recognizance, also known as a PR bond. Those released on personal recognizance can wait for trial at home but may have to abide by stricter terms of pretrial release.

While certain factors can lead to higher bail requirements, there are also ways defendants can reduce bail. Reducing the amount paid for bail can be done in a bail hearing. It can also happen in instances when the case gets delayed.

Defendants requesting a bail hearing must file a motion that outlines why bail should be lowered. During a bail hearing, both the defense and prosecution team make their cases for why bail should be lowered or remain the same.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Bail Bonds

The global pandemic has also affected the courts. Primarily the way they deal with releases. Some courts have chosen to be a bit more lenient when it comes to the amount of money required to post bail, and some have chosen more personal recognizance releases. The changes have mostly affected:

  • Elderly Defendants
  • People with health problems like respiratory issues and underlying conditions
  • Defendants that have already experienced the effects of COVID

What happens after posting bail does vary by case, but there are some things that are standard. Defendants will be notified about their court date, which they must attend or they risk forfeiting the money paid to post bail. In addition to the financial loss, missing a court date can also cause the court to issue a warrant for arrest.

When bailing out of jail, judges can set conditions that must be followed while out on bond. An example is a judge issuing an order for the defendant not to contact the complaining witness during a domestic violence case.

Bail Bond Services in Brazoria TX

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If bail is paid in full, the amount paid is refunded once the defendant makes all required court appearances. A professional bail bond agent will charge a percentage of the entire amount. This fee is not refundable and can require collateral to incentivize the defendant’s appearance on their court date. If the accused doesn’t show up on their court date, the bail bond company can redeem the collateral (car, home, or other types of property). Posting bail can be done through:

  • A cash bond Or Check Covering The Entire Amount
  • A Property Bond Work the Full Amount
  •  A Surety Bond That Guarantees Full Payment

There are some conditions that can be set when released. These conditions can be set for defendants who may be a risk of not coming back or those that are a danger to another person or the community. The conditions can be anything like:

  • Limiting Travel
  • Maintaining Employment
  • A Set Curfew
  • Starting An Educational Program
  • Periodic Check-Ins With Authorities
  • Stay Under Custody Of A Designated Person
  • Undergo Treatment (Can Be Medical, Psychiatric, Psychological)

Once free on bond, the defendant will receive a notification with information on the court date and time to show up. The responsibility of showing up lies solely on the defendant, and the court itself will not contact them directly. It’s a good idea to stay in close contact with the lawyer, court clerk, and bail bond agent.

Bail out of jail in Brazoria TX

Our bail bond agents will walk you through the entire bail process.

On the date and time of the court hearing, it’s recommended that defendants report directly to the courtroom assigned to them. Every courtroom has a list of defendants, attorneys, and types of cases on a docket sheet. Good options to ask for more information are the court bailiff and the court coordinator.

The team here at ASAP Bail Bonds has the experience and knowledge of the bail bond process to effectively help those looking for Brazoria TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds. So next time you or someone you know finds themselves in this situation, you can count on ASAP Bail Bonds for a fast way back home. Call us today to learn more about our Brazoria TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds.

Brazoria TX Fun Facts

  • Gets its name from the Brazos River
  • Home to one of the largest county fairs in Texas
  • Brazoria County was the first capital of the Republic of Texas