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Brazoria County TX Bail Bonds

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For offenders who pose little threat, you most likely will be granted a personal bond by the judge instead of the original cash bond. There are different stipulations and policies one must follow depending on the offense. These conditions determine whether or not you have to pay bail. Fortunately, being granted a personal bail bond can help avoided posting bail or jail time.

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A personal bond is an agreement with the court to abide by all of the rules they set for your case before your hearing. While the bond is active, you will sign a contract that indicates that you will appear before the court on all the set dates. This also promises that you will not be arrested or receive any more offenses. After you sign the contract, you no longer have to pay the bail, and you are also released from jail.

How Does Bail Bonds Work?

Getting someone out of jail can be extremely expensive. Most people don’t have the money that it requires to help get their loved one or friend out of jail. In many cases, people turn to whatever company to help cover this significant expense.

Are you wondering what the exact role of this service is? How do they work, and should you use one? Are you wondering what your options are for getting someone out of jail? No worries, be sure to read further to understand this entity better.

The Arresting Proccess

Following your arrest, a judge will set the bail. The amount of bail depends on several factors. In America’s judicial system, there is the term presumption of innocence. This indicates that speaking the state should not be able to hold that person in prison before trial.

Until their court date, the person facing charges will be considered innocent until proven guilty. Of course, this is still America, so know your rights. This is where bail comes in; the court will set bail depending on many factors. If you pay the posted bail amount, the defendant goes free until their court date. If the bail is paid in full from the beginning, then it will be returned upon completion of the defendant’s court requirements.


Booking is the process that follows an arrest. During this stage, the police perform a series of tasks, such as taking the offender’s photo, recording personal information. This includes the defendant’s date of birth, name, age, taking their fingerprints, taking any physical possessions the offender might have, and places them in a storage facility.  The police also search for warrants, and they perform a health evaluation. From there, the offender is placed in a holding area.

Post-Arrest, Pre-trial Release

After the police have booked an offender, one of three things will typically occur. First, the police can release the offender with a written notice

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stating when to appear in court and, of course, the general information of where the court is located and who the judge will be. Secondly, the police can release the defendant only after she or he pays the appropriate bail. Thirdly, the police can keep the offender in custody until a court holds a bail hearing.

The state law determines which of the three options applies to any given situation. In reality, arrests for low-level crimes, such as public intoxication or shoplifting, will result in a written document stating when to appear in court. Serious crimes such as burglary or any violent offenses will result in the defendant remaining in custody until either they hire legal representation or whenever the court holds a bail hearing.

Bail Hearings

When a bail hearing occurs, it determines how much bail applies to that particular case. Judges do not always have to allow bail and can deny it if permitted by state law. When the court determines whether or not to deny bail, it depends on several factors:

Potential Risk. Some offenders may pose more of a risk than others. For instance, if a defendant is facing sentences that impose death or long periods of incarceration, they may be more likely to flee than those with less severe charges.

Status in the Community. An individual with secure connections to the community, such as a local business owner or public figure, will be less likely to flee or fail to appear due to all that they have to lose.

Family Obligation. Courts may be more likely to grant a lesser bail amount when a defendant oversees the well-being of family members or other dependents.

Income and Assets. A court can determine if a defendant is employed and likely to lose their source of income as a result of being unable to pay bail and remain in custody.

Criminal and Court History. This is one of the leading factors in determining whether or not the judge will deny or grant bail. If the offender has an extensive criminal record, their bail has a high chance of being denied.

The severity of the Crime. In reality, more serious crimes will have a higher bail than a less severe crime. For instance, someone who may be accused of a minor offense such as petty theft maybe $1,000 or less, but bail for an offender charged with murder will amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Bailbondsman’s Role

A bail bondsman will loan you the money on the defendant’s behalf. This will help retrieve them from jail immediately. Essentially the role of the bail bondsman is to confirm that the defendant will show up to their court date. The bondsman charges some type of stipend, usually between 10-13% of the total bail incentive, for their services. This charge is not refundable.

If the defendant does not show up to court for any or all of their court dates, the bondsman will expect compensation from the defendant for the full bond amount. Since the vouched for the defendant, they are responsible for paying the court if the accused party does not show. For this reason, a warrant will be put out, and the defendant will be taken into custody.

Brazoria County, TX Bail Bonds

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Brazoria County Fun Facts

  1. t started at the mouth of the Brazos River, in late December of 1821, the first of Stephen F. Austin’s colonists that came by boat landed in what is now Brazoria County
  2. Brazoria County took its name from the Brazos River
  3. The value of Brazoria County agriculture rose steadily after Reconstruction, and the majority of residents earned their livelihood from the soil until the late 1930s
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