Brazoria County Speedy Bail Bonds

Brazoria County speedy bail bonds

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Whether your arrest occurred in Lake Jackson, Oyster Creek, West Columbia, or Pearland, TX 77581 we can help. Furthermore, our Fort Bend County office can help those in Missouri City and Sugar Land. Meanwhile, our Harris County office can help with most arrests in greater Houston.

Our criminal justice is complicated. Don’t face it alone. An experienced bail bondsman can help you navigate the bail bond process.

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ASAP Has Brazoria County Speedy Bail Bonds

When you need to get out of jail fast call ASAP bail bonds. We’ll help you post bail quickly so that you can get back home as soon as possible.

Life doesn’t stop when you’re arrested. And you can’t keep up with responsibilities such as work, family, and school from inside of a jail cell. ASAP knows it’s important for you to get back home as quickly as possible.

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What’s Bail? What’s a Bail Bond? How Are They Different?

The words ‘bail’ and ‘bail bond’ often appear together, but they are actually two distinct things. Strictly speaking, ‘bail’ is the amount of money specified by the court. The defendant or a representative must pay the bail amount to leave jail.

To understand further, one needs to consider what happens after an arrest. If someone is charged with a criminal offense after their arrest, the criminal court will set a bail amount. Then, when the defendant pays the bail they can leave jail until their trial.

Brazoria County speedy bail bonds

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If a defendant doesn’t post bail, they must stay in jail until their trial unless the charges are dropped. Sometimes, trials don’t happen until months after the date of an arrest.

When a defendant leaves jail on bail, they make a promise to the court. They promise to attend their trial dates and adhere to any other conditions set forth by the court. The money paid towards bail acts as collateral for that promise.

So, a bail bond backs up the defendant’s promise to appear for their trial. The court holds onto the money until the defendant has fulfilled all of the conditions of their release.

The ‘bail bond’ is the money itself. When the defendant pays the money to the court, the court holds onto the money. Then, when they fulfill their promise, the court returns the money. If they fail to meet the conditions of their release, they forfeit some or all of the money.

How Do Judges Decide On A Bail Amount?

Judges consider several factors when setting a defendant’s bail. One of the most important is the severity of the crime and the facts of the case. More severe crimes tend to result in higher bail amounts.

Brazoria County speedy bail bonds

An ASAP bail bondsman can help you understand how judges set bail.

Moreover, if the judge decides that the defendant poses an extreme danger to the public if released, they may deny bail altogether. The judge may also deny bail if they deem the defendant to pose a significant flight risk.

However, certain factors can swing a judge in the other direction, too. For some defendants, the judge sets a low bail or no bail at all. For example, judges sometimes grant personal recognizance (PR) releases to certain defendants.

Defendants with no criminal history or a record of successfully attending court dates are good candidates for a PR or personal bond. Similarly, defendants with strong ties to work, family, or the community may earn a PR or personal bond.

With a personal bond, the defendant pays no money to the court. Instead, the collateral is the defendant themselves. Before leaving jail, the defendant signs a personal bond stating that they will adhere to the conditions of their release. If they don’t they will be subject to further criminal and possibly civil charges.

What Bail Bonds Does ASAP Provide To Brazoria?

ASAP Bail Bonds handles all types of bonds. Our most common service is cash bond assistance. We help defendants pay their cash bonds in full so that they can leave jail.

However, ASAP also helps qualifying clients obtain personal bonds. If you believe that you may qualify for a personal bond, call ASAP today.

ASAP also offers surety bonds. Sometimes, the defendant doesn’t pay bail money directly to the court. Instead, a third party, or surety, takes on responsibility for the defendant’s release. If the defendant fails to adhere to the conditions of their release, the surety is liable for the full bail amount.

For select clients, ASAP will act as a surety and take on financial responsibility for their release.

For defendants arrested out of state, ASAP also offers transfer bonds. Transfer bonds allow arrestees to leave jail in the state of their arrest and return to Texas. Only a bail bond company in the defendant’s home state can take on the financial responsibility for their release. So it’s important to choose a Texan bond company like ASAP for your transfer bond.

Finally, for defendants facing federal charges ASAP also offers federal bonds. Federal bonds are more expensive and complex than other bonds, so not every bail bond company handles them. But ASAP does.

Need A Brazoria Bail Bond? Call ASAP!

It’s important to choose a bail bond company you can trust to provide fast, reliable service. You can trust ASAP to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. When you need Brazoria County speedy bail bonds, contact ASAP Bail Bonds.

Brazoria County TX Fun Facts

  • Brazoria’s county seat is Angleton.
  • 372,264 people live in Brazoria County.
  • Brazoria County borders the Gulf of Mexico.
  • To learn more, visit Brazoria County’s website.