Brazoria County Non-Arrest Bond Process

If you can get yourself a non-arrest bond, then you are in the clear for not having any jail time. You can post bail before having to go back to jail as well. Most of the time a non-arrest bail bond is set for someone who missed their court hearing. If this is the case, a warrant will be put out for you until you turn yourself in. This process can lead to you paying your bail before having to go to jail.

Brazoria County Non-Arrest Bond Process

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Non-Arrest Bonds 

A non-arrest bond is given to someone before they can walk into jail. Often, this type of bond is used for those who skipped out on a court hearing. When a warrant is placed for them, they can obtain a non-arrest bond to give them a newly updated court hearing. This will remove their warrant immediately. We want you to know that though you can obtain a non-arrest bond, you will still have to go to the sheriff’s office. This is so they can even get all the critical information about you. They are otherwise known as a “walk-through.” You will not have to be put in jail but will have to serve time to be booked.

Here at ASAP Bail Bonds, we will work for you and with you to keep you out of serving jail time. Once you inform us about your situation and need our help, we will be by your side. No one should spend unnecessary time in a jail cell. We want you to know that you will be taken care of like family, and we will even support you for your rights. 

Once you are out on bond for another situation, you may have brought yourself into; you are not in the clear to do anything else wrong. If at any point you find yourself in trouble and you are looking at more legal risk, you can contact ASAP Bail Bonds to assist you. We can help you obtain a non-arrest bond so you do not face any jail time again. 

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