Brazoria County Jury Investigation

The jury is a large part of our justice system. In many cases, the people sitting in these jury’s are the deciding factor for a defendant’s case. So, the jury is always taken seriously. In addition to that, choosing who is on the jury is a very sacred process. If something is ever tampered in terms of the jury selection process, it is always a big deal and taken very seriously. 

At the moment in Brazoria County, a judge is being accused of tampering with the jury selection process. If she is found guilty of this charge, this will be a felony, and the repercussions will not be easy.  

This is a topic that has been in the news for a number of weeks now. The claim is she has been doing this for a total of 11 years. In this amount of time, she has been the judge for a number of cases. So, if this investigation is going to affect a number of different cases such as family court cases, civil cases, and

Brazoria County Jury Investigation

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criminal cases. In addition to that, this investigation affects the prior outcomes of these cases.

Brazoria County Jury Investigation

As of recently, the judge in question has stepped down and resigned. Many families or the defendants who she has put in jail are seeking answers. These families are speaking about their court stories and what the process was like for them. The accusations that they are claiming are being taken very seriously and are a part of an ongoing investigation. 

Part of the claim is that the jury selection may or may not have been done randomly. This is a huge deal because if the jury had been handpicked, they could have very much influenced the outcome of many cases. So, you can see why these families are upset and want this investigation to be thoroughly done. 

Some of the families’ allegations include members of the jury being changed right before the jury makes a decision. Others claim they were unable to get into the court even though it was an open trial. Many more allegations are being added into the investigation, but it is being taken seriously.

Brazoria county has come out with a statement, but the judge in question has not made a statement for now. The investigation still goes on, and as developments are made, more information will be given.