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Brazoria County Bail Bonds

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How Does a Judge Set Bail

A judge will set your bail at a bail hearing or arraignment. During the hearing, a few outcomes are likely to happen. The first outcome is a judge could set your bail at the standard 500 dollars if you are accused of committing a non-violent misdemeanor. The second outcome could be a lower or raised price of the standard 500 dollar bail.

Finally, the judge could waive the bail and grant release on the defendant’s O.R or own recognizance. All of these outcomes are based on an individual’s circumstances and vary case by case. If you want your bail to be paid without a worry, choose the best Brazoria County Bail Bonds.

O.R or Own Recognizance Release

O.R is when no bail amount is set, and the defendant is released. This release comes with conditions that, if broken, can result in immediate arrest, additional charges, and the chance of O.R is not available to them again. There are many things that can influence the judge’s decision.

Such as how severe the crime is, the defendant’s criminal record, or if the suspect is a danger to the public. If the judge grants you O.R, it comes with conditions. Conditions are always imposed to motivate the defendant to return to court on the scheduled date.

Conditional Release

Here are some examples of conditions a defendant might face when released under their own recognizance. If you are arrested for a DUI, and it is not your first one, then a condition that is typically seen is to surrender your car immediately and begin treatment classes in exchange for release. Another example is suspected of domestic violence.

The offender must enroll in domestic violence education classes as well as abide by a temporary restraining order. Other conditions include surrendering passport or license as well as enrolling in anger management classes or rehabilitation classes.

Booking Process

Brazoria County Bail Bonds

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Before a judge can set your bail or release you, an officer will take you through a booking process. Once the active officer places you under arrest, they will escort you to your local police station, and then the booking will commence. Since booking can be a lengthy process, it is best to call us as soon as you can to avoid even more time sitting in a jail cell. Unless you go through booking so an officer can create an official arrest record, the courts can not set bail.

Official Record and Mugshot

You will be asked many questions when you start the booking process to create the official record. An officer will likely take your mugshot. There are many reasons why they take mugshot. The original purpose of a mugshot was to give law enforcement a photographic record of the defendants to be later identified by investigators and victims.

Another reason is to show the suspect’s physical state during the time of the arrest, which can later be used for evidence. The photo is physical evidence often used to prove or disprove the amount of force used by arresting officers during the arrest. Did you know that many states have laws in place that require the mugshot websites to remove the photo per request and can typically have it off the website within 30 days.

Finger Printing

You can expect to have an officer take your fingerprints during booking. There is no way to refuse your mugshot or fingerprints to be taken during booking. According to the supreme court, if you refuse, it is considered an obstruction of justice. It is best to comply during a booking as this increases your chances for release. Fingerprinting is a standard process now because it helps widen the FBI’s national database. This database is extremely helpful in solving active and cold cases.

Investigators cross-reference this database with fingerprints found at crime scenes to solve cases. Many employers use the available fingerprinting data to background check potential employees. This database helps keeps work environments safe.

Warrant Checking

As mentioned earlier, a judge will consider your criminal history, if any, when deciding your bail. During booking, the officer will pull up your previous records and see if you have any outstanding violations. Some things that show up for many people are traffic tickets and parking violations, as well as more serious charges. All these things could influence the judge’s decisions to release you or set bail.

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Brazoria County Bail Bonds

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Fun Facts About Brazoria County, TX

  •  Brazoria County played an important part in the Texas Revolution.
  • West Columbia was the first capital of Texas and now resides in Brazoria County.
  •  300 American settlers arrived in Brazoria and chose to settle there to live off the Brazos River.
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