Brazoria County Bail Bond Company Near Me

Brazoria County bail bond company near me

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ASAP handles all types of bonds including cash, personal, surety, transfer, and federal bonds. Moreover, we’ll help you navigate the complicated bail bonds process. Our friendly customer service representatives want to help you however they can.

Please don’t tackle the criminal justice system alone. The legal jargon and complicated institutions aren’t set up to help most people. Furthermore, a mistake during the initial phase of your criminal charges can cost you later.

It’s serious to face criminal charges. But ASAP can help you understand your options and make the most of them. When you need bail assistance quickly, ASAP can help. Contact ASAP Bail Bonds today for more information.

ASAP Is Your Brazoria County Bail Bond Company Near Me

Life doesn’t stop when you get arrested. People still need to take care of responsibilities like work, family, and school. However, it’s impossible to care for any of these things from jail.

Consequently, most people want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. ASAP can help. Get out of jail and get back home where you belong as quickly as possible with our bail bond assistance.

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Is Bail Different From A Bail Bond?

Though the two words are often used together, bail and a bail bond actually aren’t the same thing.

Think of them as two halves of a whole. Bail is the amount of money specified by the court. Meanwhile, the bail bond is the money itself. The bail bond acts as collateral for the defendant’s release.

Brazoria County bail bond company near me

If you’re looking to get out of jail fast, contact ASAP Bail Bonds today!

To understand further, one has to talk about the bail process. When the police arrest someone, they hold the arrestee in jail. Then, a criminal court decides whether or not to press criminal charges.

If the court charges someone, the judge or another representative of the court will usually also set a bail amount. The defendant or a representative must pay the bail amount in the form of a bail bond.

If the defendant pays the bail, they can leave jail. Otherwise, unless the charges are dismissed or the defendant pleads guilty, the defendant must await their trial date in jail. Trial dates are often months after the arrest itself.

Bail and bail bonds exist primarily to ensure that defendants released from jail attend their trials. When a defendant leaves jail, they promise to attend their court dates. Additionally, the defendant must adhere to other conditions set forth by the court. Examples include staying within the state, or abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

The bail bond backs up that promise. When the defendant pays a bail bond, the court holds onto the money. If the defendant attends their trial and adheres to the other conditions of their release, they get the money back. However, if they break their promise, they lose part or all of the money.

How Does The Court Determine Bail Amounts?

The court considers several factors to determine a defendant’s bail amount. For example, more serious crimes such as Class A misdemeanors or felonies tend to have higher bail amounts.

Brazoria County bail bond company near me

Our legal system is complicated. Don’t face it alone. Get ASAP bond assistance today.

Courts may deny bail altogether to defendants considered dangerous to the public or pose a high flight risk.

On the other extreme, courts sometimes grant certain defendants recognizance releases or personal bonds. With these scenarios, there’s no need for the defendant to pay a bail amount to secure their release.

With personal recognizance (PR) releases, defendants don’t pay bail. Instead, they sign a written agreement with the court to adhere to the conditions of their release.

Similarly, with a personal bond, a defendant’s collateral isn’t money, it’s their person. Before leaving jail, the defendant signs a personal bond. If the defendant breaks their promise, they will be liable for further criminal and possibly civil charges.

When granting PR releases or personal bonds, the court considers several factors. For example, the defendant’s ties to work, family, and community play a large role. So does the defendant’s criminal history. First offenders are more likely to be granted a PR or personal bond.

What Brazoria Bail Bond Services Does ASAP Offer?

ASAP handles most types of bonds. Our most commonly used service is cash bond assistance. We help people who cannot afford their bail amount post bail.

However, we also help people obtain personal bonds. If you believe that you may qualify for a personal bond, please call ASAP today!

ASAP also offers surety bonds. Sometimes, defendants don’t actually pay money to the court. Instead, a third party, called a surety, takes on financial responsibility for their release.

If the defendant breaks their promise, the surety has to pay the full bail amount. This is called a surety bond because the surety backs up the defendant’s promise.

For select clients, ASAP will act as a surety and take on financial responsibility for their release. Please contact us for more information on our surety bond services.

Clients arrested and charged out of state require transfer bonds. A transfer bond allows you to leave jail and return to Texas. However, only a bail bond in your home state can act as a surety for a transfer bond, so it’s important to choose a Texan bail bond company like ASAP.

Finally, ASAP also provides federal bonds for those charged with a federal crime.

Need Help Posting Bail In Brazoria? Call ASAP!

When you need a Brazoria County bail bond company near me, trust ASAP; call us today!

Brazoria County TX Fun Facts

  • Brazoria County borders the Gulf of Mexico.
  • 313,166 people live in Brazoria.
  • Brazoria’s county seat is Angleton.
  • To learn more, visit Brazoria’s website.