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Brazoria County Affordable Bonds

Brazoria County affordable bonds

Call ASAP Bail Bonds; you ring, we spring!

ASAP Bail Bonds offers Brazoria County affordable bonds. Other bail bond companies can’t compete with our experience, expertise, and 24/7 mobile service. Contact our convenient location in Angleton TX 77515 for Brazoria County Bail Bonds assistance. Trust us to get you or your loved one out of jail fast.

Whether you’re arrest occurred in Alvin or Lake Jackson, ASAP can help. We have decades of practice getting clients out of jail and back home as quickly as possible.

The American criminal justice system is complicated. Trying to navigate court dates and legal jargon on your own is frightening. But ASAP wants to help.

We can ease the burden of posting bail. Furthermore, we can help you understand the bail bond process.

Please don’t take on the sysyem alone. Your ability to afford bail shouldn’t determine your freedom. Get help you can trust from ASAP Bail Bonds. Contact one of our bond agents today!

Get Brazoria County Affordable Bonds From ASAP

ASAP Bail Bonds helps clients get out of jail fast. We’ll help you post bail. Whether you need a cash, personal, or surety bond, we’ve got you covered. We also handle transfer and federal bonds.

An arrest can happen at any time. That’s why our convenient locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need Brazoria County affordable bonds, call an ASAP bail bondsman.

What’s Bail? What’s A Bail Bond?

Brazoria County affordable bonds

Our legal system is complicated. Don’t face it alone. Get ASAP bond assistance today.

‘Bail’ and a ‘bail bond’ are actually two different things.

When the police arrest someone, the government may or may not charge that person with a crime. If the criminal court feels there’s enough evidence, it will levy criminal charges.

When that happens, the arrestee must stay in jail until a bail amount is set. If the defendant pays the bail amount, he or she can leave jail until the trial. Otherwise, the defendant must remain in jail.

Tehcnically, bail is the amount of money set by the court. The defendant needs to give that money to the court as collateral for release.

When a defendant leaves jail, he or she makes a promise to appear in court for their criminal trial. The money paid to the court backs up that promise.

While bail is the amount of money specified by the court, a bail bond is the money itself. A bail bond is the collateral that backs up the defendant’s promise. When a defendant or their representative puts up a bail bond, the court holds the money ‘in trust’ until the trial.

That means the court will not spend or keep the money. When the defendant has successfully kept their promise to the court, the money is returened.

Sometimes, however, no money is paid up-front to the court. Instead, a third party, or surety, to take on financial responsibility for the defendant’s release. If the defendant fails to keep their promise, the surety must pay the full bail amount to the court.

How Do Courts Determine Bail Amounts?

Courts set bail amounts based on several factors. The first is the severity of the defendant’s charges. More serious crimes tend to have higher bail amounts. Next, the court considers criminal history, as well as the defendant’s percieved flight risk and danger to the public.

The court may deny bail altogether to defendant’s deemed too dangerous or likely to flee following their release.

On the other hand, courts also consider positive factors when considering bail. For example, a clean record and strong community ties tends to result in a lower bail.

Courts may even grant some defendants a personal recognizance (PR) release or a personal bond.

With a PR release, the defendant can leave jail after signing a written agreement with the court.

Similarly, with a personal bond, the collateral backing up someone’s promise is their person. They don’t need to pay money to the court. Instead, they sign a personal bond. If they break their promise, they will be liable for further criminal and possibly civil charges.

What Bail Bond Services Does ASAP Offer?

Brazoria County affordable bonds

Don’t sit in jail. Get Brazoria County affordable bonds today!

ASAP Bail Bonds handles all types of bonds. The most common ASAP service is our cash bond assistance. We help clients get quick loans to pay their bail amount.

However, ASAP also helps qualifying candidates obtain personal bonds. If you beleive you are a candidate for a personal bond, contact us today.

For select clients, ASAP offers surety bonds. ASAP will act as a defendant’s surety and take on responsibility for their release.

Clients arrested out of state need transfer bonds to leave the state of their arrest and return to Texas. Working across state lines is complicated. Consequently, transfer bonds tend to be more expensive and take longer.

However, ASAP has the expertise to obtain your transfer bond as quickly as possible. Furthermore, only a bond company in your home state can act as surety for your release. If you’re from Texas, its important to choose a Texan bail bond company. And the top Texan bail bond company is ASAP.

Finally, clients facing federal charges require federal bond services.

Federal bonds are complicated and expensive. Consequently, many bail bond companies don’t handle them. However, ASAP does. If you need a federal bond, contact us today.

Federal bond assistance is especially important. Some defedants charged with a federal crime may actually await trial in federal prison, not jail. Call ASAP for more information based on the specifics of your case.

Choose ASAP For Your Brazoria Bail Bond

ASAP wants to make it easy for you to get out of jail fast. Call ASAP; we’ll get you back home where you belong.

Our bond agents are experienced professionals. We’ll help you understand your situation and your options. Please don’t wait. Contact us today and choose ASAP for your Brazoria County affordable bonds.

Brazoria County TX Fun Facts

  • Angleton is the county seat of Brazoria County.
  • Brazoria borders the Gulf Coast.
  • 374,264 people live in Brazoria.
  • To learn more, visit Brazoria County’s website.