How Can A Bail Bondsman Help In Actionable Ways?

It’s time to look for a great bondsman if someone you care for has been arrested. Though your loved one has been sent to the local jail, they don’t have to stay there while awaiting trial. There are exceptions to this, and you’ll know for sure at the bail hearing.

Four ways they can be released from jail early include:

  1. Paying cash for the set bail amount.
  2. Pre-trial release as issued by the judge. However, this personal recognizance to appear at the trial is rare.
  3. Use real estate or other collateral.
  4. Use a trusted bail bond service in Galveston, Texas.

Work with an experienced bondsman at ASAP Bail Bonds.

A Local Bondsman Helps You Get Out Of Jail

When you don’t have the cash to pay bail, bail bondsmen are here to save the day. Call a commercial bail company, like ASAP Bail Bonds for speedy and reliable service in Galveston, Texas. The defendant owes a non-refundable fee for cash bail bonds between ten and twenty percent of the total bail amount.

Common Questions About Bail

Now you know where to find a great bail bondsman but may still have some questions about the bonds themselves. No worries! We’ve got you covered.

Is Bail Money Refunded in Galveston, Texas?

When faced with a large bail amount, this is one of the most pressing questions on people’s minds. Luckily, you’ll probably like the answer to this question: yes! The bail money is refunded if the defendant appears at all scheduled court dates and follows all other rules set by the court. It will not be refunded if the defendant fails to adhere to the court’s rules and appear on court dates.

What Are the Different Bail Bond Types?

While cash bail bonds may be the first to come to mind when speaking of them, there are a few different types available. These include the following:

Cash bail bonds are relatively straightforward. You simply pay the bail amount the court has set, but a percentage fee is applied to the bail bond services.

Surety bail bonds are a bit more complex. Three parties work together to complete this. These are the person owed something known as the obligee, the principal which is the person who owes, and your friendly bail bondsman can act as the surety for the obligee.

When it comes to federal bonds, you want to work with a company you can trust. ASAP Bail Bonds understands federal bail law inside and out, so you can be confident when working with us.


A great bondsman is ready to help!

People get issued transfer bonds when a transfer of information is required between states. ASAP Bail Bonds has the skills and experience to help with these. They often take a bit longer to process than plain cash bail bonds, but they can still save you tons of jail time in many cases.

Don’t stay in jail any longer than necessary! Now that you know all the types of bail and how a bail bondsman can help, why wait? Contact us today to get out of jail fast in Galveston, Texas.