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Bond Forfeiture for Brazoria County

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Look no further than ASAP Bail Bonds if you’re are in need of a Bond Forfeiture.

ASAP Bail Bonds takes pride in providing the best bailing system for all of our clients. We have agents on standby 24/7 ready to help you with your legal situation. We understand that this may be a super unfortunate time for you but we have you covered 100%. To learn more about our services and information on things like bond forfeiture, contact us today at (979) 848-2727.

What is Bond Forfeiture?

Getting arrested and going to court for a crime can be extremely costly. Lawyers are expensive, court fees are excessive, typically those who are charged are still expected to pay additional fees. Another major expense will be bail. Typically the amount set for bail is pretty high and can be difficult to pay for the average person. Fortunately, agencies like ASAP Bail Bonds can help support you on your bail payment.

Bail assignments are something that takes place from time to time when a judge feels that the defendant poses a risk. The judge will examine the defendant’s background during the booking process and makes a bail decision based on their findings. The judge analyzes the criminal history and whether or not they have any history with any prior bails. A bond forfeiture takes place when the defendant does not appear in court after they are released from jail on a bail payment.

Bail Bonding Process

This process begins when the defendant or someone is associated with the defendant request a bail bonding agency to help them with the funds to release the defendant. The bail agency may even involve a pre-approval process or it may request the applicant to report to an office. The bail bonding agent will ask the applicant a series of questions about the defendant and himself or herself. The person will need to know which jail the defendant is in and what crime was committed.

They may even ask a few financial questions to determine whether or not they can help with the application or not. The agency may ask for collateral from a person who is struggling financially. The amount of time it takes for the defendant to be released can take several hours to maybe even days.

To learn more about the bail bonding process, contact us at your earliest convenience!