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Sexual Assault


So you have been accused of Sexual Assault. Now what? When a person hears that phrase, a lot of images come to mind. You think of a shady character hiding in an alley ready to prey on an innocent woman. However, the reality is much different. Anyone can be accused […]


Aggravated Assault


Aggravated assault is an unfortunate problem in Texas. ASAP Bail Bonds will give all the information you need to know about an Aggravated assault charge. Aggravated assault is when you cause intentional, knowingly, and or recklessly hurt another person. It’s also using or exhibiting a weapon in the process of […]


Drug Possession


Drug possession is a serious crime that occurs in Houston, TX. When you have a charge like that on your record, it can make your life complicated in so many ways. Imprisonment, loss of a job, possibly thousands of dollars in bail, lawyer fees, and much more. It affects your […]




Many people have a DWI (driving while intoxicated) on their record. Every weekend, thousands of people head to the bars and the various clubs around the country. It’s very easy for a young person to feel invincible when they go out. They’re hanging with their friends, dancing, and having an […]