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There’s a huge gain to bail out of jail Galveston, TX as soon as possible. Rather than staying stuck behind bars until your official trial, it’s better for you to bail out of jail now. If you’re not sure how to start the process of getting yourself out, leave it to the experts from ASAP Bail Bonds. Take action now and call our Galveston office right away, so we can walk you through the entire situation.

First order of business when you’re arrested: breathe. Although the situation may be panic-inducing, nothing can go wrong if you stay calm. Whether it’s you or a close friend or family member that got arrested, you should first listen to instructions and call ASAP Bail Bonds the first time you’re allowed a phone.

Bail Out of Jail Galveston, TX

Bail out of jail ASAP with ASAP Bail Bonds! We’ll show you how this part of the legal system works.

The bail out of jail process is simple to explain but is time-consuming and full of bureaucratic procedures in reality. When you or your close friend or family is arrested, you’ll be taken to jail to wait as the local judge determines your bail, if eligible.

Once the bail amount is set, you can start the rest of the process. If the amount is no problem for you, you can post bail yourself. However, if you need some help, bail bond companies like ASAP Bail Bonds can come to your aid. We can post the full amount of the bail upfront, and you can pay us back with one of our affordable payment plans.

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Reasons Why You Should Bail Out of Jail Galveston, TX Now

No one wants to be stuck behind bars for too long. Not only is it a drain on your mental health, but you’d also be losing out on work, social, and personal opportunities. There’s no benefit to staying in jail and waiting out the days until your trial except to save a few bucks. But is saving a few bucks worth it if your stay behind bars can last anywhere from a few days to a few months?

That doesn’t sound like a worthy sacrifice. Rather than doing that to yourself, it’s much better for you and your family to bail out of jail as soon as possible. ASAP Bail Bonds knows exactly what you’re going through, and we’ll help you get out ASAP. Here’s what could happen if you stay confined behind bars for too long:

  • A decline in physical and mental health
  • Increased psychological stress
  • An influx of familial problems

Save yourself the trouble and bail out of jail at the first opportunity. If you’re confused by the legal system surrounding bail, one of our bond agents can explain everything to you. When you need to get out of jail, ASAP Bail Bonds is ready to help you post bail and leave the confines of the jail cell.

Bail Out of Jail Galveston, TX

Bail Out of Jail Galveston, TX now with the help of ASAP Bail Bonds. Contact us ASAP.

How the Judge Determines Bail & How It Affects You

The judge doesn’t simply slap a number down on you when your case shows up in front of them. Although it might seem like that, they take their time to determine a fair amount depending on the circumstances. Some factors they take into consideration include the following:

  • The alleged crime & its severity
  • Previous criminal history (if any)
  • Flight risk
  • Whether the arrested was on parole or out on bail already
  • Recent employment history, etc.

Think of it this way, if you tick off any of the boxes, the judge will raise or lower the bail amount. Even if you’re arrested for the same crime as another person, your bail amount might be different depending on varying factors. For example, getting arrested for a certain crime will be the base amount, but it can go up if you have a record or go down if it’s your first arrest.

Flight and danger risks are other weighty factors. Flight risk takes into consideration the chances of you leaving the county or city before your official trial. On the other hand, if the judge determines that the defendant is a danger to the community, they may raise the bail to ensure that the defendant stays in jail and lessen their exposure to the public.

Knowing What Type of Bail Was Set for You

ASAP Bail Bonds has various bond services depending on what type is best for your situation. The most common two are cash bonds and surety bonds. Of course, as a leading bail bonds company in the Galveston area, we can also handle more complex bonds, such as federal bonds and transfer bonds. You can inquire more when you contact our office.

Cash bonds are a courthouse favorite. For more high-risk defendants, these are the go-to choice because it’s likely for people to pay the entire bail amount with cash (or credit or debit). Of course, cash bonds are also common enough in low-risk cases because it’s much simpler to receive and process. If you’re arrested, there’s a chance the judge will say that cash bonds are an option and, in rare cases, may stipulate cash bonds only.

Bail Out of Jail Galveston, TX

The process to bail out of jail may seem complicated, but ASAP Bail Bonds can make it simple for you. Call us today to get started!

On the other hand, surety bonds are a more common option to bail out of jail Galveston, TX with, especially when you’re enlisting the help of a bail bond agency. To explain it simply, surety bonds are a cooperation between three parties, you, the party paying for the bond, and the court. You pay us (via a payment plan), we’ll post the bond, and the court will set you free. Usually, you’ll also provide collateral or a down payment.

Get Out of Jail Now with ASAP Bail Bonds

Rather than staying in the uncomforts of jail, contact our Galveston office now. Our Galveston County location is always ready to start the bail out of jail Galveston, TX process 24/7.

Galveston, Texas Fun Facts:

  • Before the Great Storm of 1900, Galveston was actually the 2nd richest city in the US after Newport, RI.
  • After the Storm, the seawall was built to prevent any similar disasters.
  • It took eight years for the seawall to be completed.