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There are many different types of Sugarland TX bail bonds. Some cost money while others do not. Also, depending on the price of your bond will determine how you plan on handling it.

With bonds, you can usually pay it in full out of your own pocket. However, for some people, that is not possible, and they will have to hire a bail bondsman or put up collateral to cover the cost.

When paying for bail bonds out of pocket or when putting up collateral, that can be a substantial cost to you. Especially when collateral has to be more than double the amount of the bail bond.

While bail bondsmen may expect collateral, the collateral they want will only equal 90% of the bail. The other 10% will be the bail bondsman fee. Collateral can be anything from a car, stocks, a business, or a house.

Anything put up for a bail bond will be returned at the end of the case, regardless of whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.

To get your loved one out of jail fast, here are some of the different bonds you can get.

Cash Bail Bonds

The most well-known type of bail bond is a cash bail bond. These types of bail bonds are paid in full by the defendant with cash, credit card, or debit card. When the bail bond is high, this is where a bail bonds service comes in handy.

When a defendant can’t pay the price of the bail bond in full, they can turn to a bail bond agent to post the bail for them. This service is not available in all states. States like Oregon, Maine, Illinois, or Kentucky have outlawed the use of commercial bail bondsmen.

Luckily, Texas allows bail bonds making it easier to find a bail bond company in Houston.

Transfer Bail Bonds

A transfer bail bond is one that a defendant would use if they have been arrested out of state. This type of bond would ensure that the defendant is released and returned to their home state.

When getting a transfer bond, the defendant would want to get a bail bondsmen from their home state. The reason for this is because a bail bondsman in the state of the defendant’s arrest will not be financially responsible for the defendant’s bond. Only companies in the defendant’s home state can take financial responsibility for the bail bond.

Another thing to note is that these bonds take longer than regular bail bonds. This means the sooner you call, the sooner you will get back home.

Sugarland TX bail bonds

Sugarland TX bail bonds

PR Bail Bonds

These are the kind of Sugarland TX bail bonds you want. These are bonds where there is no payment necessary for release. The condition for release is a defendant’s written notice. Plus, any other conditions the court decides to impose.

PR bonds or otherwise known as Personal Recognizes are typically given to those with a low flight risk. Things that reduce flight risk are ties to the community, minor infractions, and no criminal history.

Community ties can be anything that will keep a defendant from skipping town. This can be owning a business, having family in the area, or going to college. The court will also consider the defendant’s financial situation and any family members that depend on you.

Federal Bail Bonds

These bail bonds are incredibly complicated and can be equally as expensive.

Some bail bondsmen do not have experience with federal bail bonds. Because of the complexity of the bail bond, it is essential to get someone who has experience with them. If not, they could end up making matters worse.

It is essential to do your research if you are in need of a federal bail bond. The bail bond agent will make a difference. These bonds have more steps than other bonds, and the collateral will be checked to see if it is “clean.” By clean, they want collateral that has not had any criminal activity.

To find a good bail bondsman, a couple of people to talk to would be either a lawyer if the defendant has one or one of the detention officers. Either one of them will know about a good bondsman because they work with bondsmen daily. You can also look at a bondsman’s website and reviews to see which one will work best for you.

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Surety Bail Bonds

These bonds are also a little more complicated than the more common ones. These bonds have three groups that enter into an agreement. The three groups are obligee, the surety, and the principal.

The principal first get a bond for the obligee. Then the principal performs an action for the obligee. If the principal fails, then the surety gives compensation or restitution to the obligee. The main goal of a surety bond is to protect the obligee by putting the risk on the principal.

Sugarland TX bail bonds

The main goal of bail bonds is not to punish the defendant. It is an incentive to keep the defendant from fleeing the court and make sure they finish their case. This is why the bail amount is returned regardless of if the defendant is found innocent or guilty.

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Sugar Land Fun Facts

  • The first community to be named a community of respect in 2007
  • Was a company town for over 50 years before it became incorporated
  • The city has over 560 acres of parkland
  • Sugar Land has had five city halls
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