PR Bail Bonds

While most bail bonds still involve posting some payment, such as cash or collateral, PR bonds are a little different. If granted a PR bond, you gain the ability to avoid jail time and walk free as soon as possible. A PR bond, or Personal Recognizance, is reserved when a court judge determines that you are not a flight risk.

A judge will typically make this call when they see that the defendant has no prior criminal record, has family in the city, is not a threat to the community, has ties to the community, and other factors. Of course, you still have to meet specific guidelines that are determined based on the offense. Aside from staying in the state, you may be asked to avoid consuming alcohol, appear before the court at every assigned date, and other stipulations.

How a PR Bond Affects You


A PR bond grants the defendant a chance to avoid posting bail and jail time. All you have to do is follow the court’s restrictions until your trial. The more traditional request from the court involves abstaining from any lawbreaking and appearing in court on the given days. If your offense involves things such as drug abuse, you may also be asked to take regular drug tests or enter rehab. As long as you stick to the court’s stipulations, you’ll be able to keep out of jail without paying anything.

As stated before, the court focuses on several aspects before granting a PR bond to anyone. For instance, the court takes the severity of the crime, social and community impact, prior arrest history, and other things into account. Once the court determines that you are not a flight risk, your PR bond may be offered. ASAP Bail Bonds provides services that appeal to the court for a PR bond per your request. When you get in touch with us, we do everything in our power to give you a break. With our help, you can prepare for your trial from the comfort of your home. If the court’s rules are broken, then you’ll have to post bail or face jail time. To prevent that outcome, call ASAP Bail Bonds now!

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