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There is a lot of Houston TX bondsman, but how do you know which one is best for you? When someone you care about has made a mistake and needs some help, you need someplace to turn. Especially when the bail is high, and money is tight. If you can relate to this, a way to get them back home and out of custody is by finding a bail bond agent.

So how do you pick a bondsman? First, you need to know about the different types of bonds available to you. Now, this depends on the crime and state you live in. Each state allows different types of bonds and denies others. Here are some of the bonds that may be available to you.

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Cash Bonds

This bond is when you pay the entire amount with cash or money order. The bail is not financed through a bail bond company. It comes out of your pocket or from the person in jail.

The money is held until the court case is closed. The funds will be returned so long as the defendant appears to their appointed court date. Either friends or family can post cash bonds for someone.

Property Bonds

This type of bond is when a piece of property, such as a piece of land or house, is used as collateral to be held as bail. Usually, the property’s value has to equal more than double the cost of the bail bond.

Some states do not allow property bonds. So talk to your attorney before suggesting it. It would also be best to get your property appraised before the court accepts it as collateral.

Your property will be foreclosed if the person who was released fails to appear in court.

Surety Bonds

Another way to get your loved one out of jail is to use a surety bond. These bonds are complex and will require the aid of a bonding agent or a bail bond company in Houston. This bond uses three parties the obligee, the surety and the principal. The goal of a surety bond is to protect the obligee and place all the risk on the principal. Just like any bail bond, it will come with terms and conditions for the bail bond service. These conditions will vary depending on the agency and the court.

Finding a Houston TX bondsman

Now that you know the different kinds of bonds available, you now need to know how to find a dependable Houston TX bondsman. It can be overwhelming to look for a bail bondsman when you are concerned for your loved one. We have a few tips on how to go about finding just the right person for the job. These bail bondsmen search tips should point you in the right direction to help reduce your stress and get you the best possible services. We hope you will find these tips useful in your bail bondsman search.

Know the Bail Bond Amount

The first step is knowing the total bail amount. The amount will be determined by the severity of the crime your loved one has committed. It is also essential to know the total amount of the bail bond before talking to a bail bond agency. Knowing the full amount owed is an integral part of the bonding process. The sooner you know the amount owed, the quicker you can pay it and get your loved one back home.

Houston TX bondsman

Houston TX bondsman

Talk to Detention Officers

Detention officers often are an excellent place for information about finding a bondsman. Since they work with multiple agencies, they will know the best ones in the Houston Harris County area.

They might also have some tips on how to get the bail lowered along with tips about how to appear in court.


Talk To A Lawyer

Someone else who you would need to talk to before deciding on a bail bondsman would be the defendant’s lawyer. Lawyers often work with bail bonds agencies and might have a couple in mind for you to contact. They might also be able to get you a reduced fee when loaning from a bondsman.

Ask Bail Bondsmen About Their Fees

When you do begin talking to bail bond agencies, you should ask about their fees in exchange for the bond. The usual fee is 10% of the full bail bond amount. You also need to make sure that surety bonds are available in your state. States like Oregon, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconson have outlawed commercial bail bondsmen and surety loans.

Do not go for the cheapest bail bondsman. Often those who have lower prices either do not have as much experience or are less reputable than those with higher fees. When it comes to bail bondsmen, you get what you paid for, so if the price is under 10%, you might want to consider looking somewhere else.

Look At Reviews

This day and age, everyone is going to have a few bad reviews here and there. However, you should search for a bail bondsman that has more good reviews than bad. Just because they seem nice when you meet them does not mean that their services will be what you are looking for. So check reviews when searching for a Houston TX bondsman.

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Finding The Best Houston TX bondsman

It can be overwhelming to find a good Houston TX bondsman. That’s why we are here to help with our 24 hours a day, seven days a week services. We serve all of harris county, including fort bend county, sugar land, and the rest of the Houston area. All in all, you won’t find a better result for your search of Houston TX Bondsman Near Me.

We understand how difficult it is to have a loved one in the justice system this time is, and we want to be with you every step of the bail bonds process. Bring your loved ones home safe and sound. If you are looking for a bail bondsman in Fort Bend County, call us at (281) 232-7277. Or if you are looking in Harris County, call us at (713) 225-2727. Or you can check us out on our locations site. As a Houston TX bondsman, we care about being there for you through these difficult times.

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