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When looking for a Lake Jackson TX 24 hour bondsman, sometimes people wonder about why a bail bondsman is necessary.  A bail bond company usually charges 10% of the bail. That means the higher the bail is high, then the higher the fee.

However, depending on the bond, they can end up taking on a lot of risks. So it’s no surprise they would charge a fee for their services. Their prices are also more affordable than the bail itself.

Paying the entire bail in full can be impossible for some. Although, with the help of a bail bondsman, the defendant is able to get home faster without needing to plead guilty.

So what is bail, and why do people have a right to it?

What Bail Bonds Do

Opposed to popular opinion, bail bonds aren’t meant to punish defendants. Instead, they are intended to ensure that those with a high flight risk do return to court to complete their court case.

After the case has been closed, the court will return the bail regardless of if the defendant is found guilty. However, the money posted for the bail bond will be held by the court for the duration of the case.

This could be days or months that the money is tied up in the court case. Hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars that could go to food or rent. And the more severe the crime, the more money and the longer the case will be.

This is why bail bondsmen are a massive help to people across the United States. Instead of having a large amount of money tied up in the court system, you only pay 10%.

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The Right To Bail

Everyone who is charged for a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty. And the right to bail is promised to everyone in the country thanks to the eighth amendment in the United States Constitution.

The Constitution also protects individuals from having bail that is excessive, or that inflicts cruel or unusual punishment.

Commercial bail bondsmen came to be because of the demand for them. They came about because early on, some people in the justice system had been servants.

This meant they didn’t have anything to their name. In order to get released, they would contact their “owners” to post the bail for a fee. Over time this grew into commercial bail bondsmen.

Some states have outlawed the right to commercial bail bondsmen. These states include Oregon, Kentucky, Illinois, and Maine, just to name a few. Luckily in the state of Texas, a Lake Jackson TX 24 hour bondsman is allowed.

How Bail Bondsmen Help

Bail bondsmen make bail more affordable. No matter what the price is, 10% of the total amount is small compared to the full price. Some bail bondsmen even allow payment plans. These payment plans make the bail even more affordable than the original price.

Some people, if the infraction is small, plead guilty so they won’t have to pay bail or deal with the bonding process. They then end up with a criminal record and could incur more fines or time lost in community service. And the sad thing is, a great deal of these people are innocent.

A bail bondsman can get them back home without creating a criminal record. This gives the defendant a better chance of winning their case. When someone makes it back home, they have the time to find a good lawyer and prepare for trial. It also gives back time that could be best spent working or with family.

While a bail bondsman doesn’t get you out of being found guilty, they do buy you back some time. Time is a valuable resource that can go to building your case in your favor. The longer you spend in jail, the weaker your chance is of clearing your name.

The best and fastest way to get a loved one out of jail is to hire a bail bondsman. Not only does it give them more time to work on their case, but it gives them back time that they can spend with family.

Lake Jackson TX 24 hour bondsman

Lake Jackson TX 24 hour bondsman

Why A 24-Hour Service

Arrests can happen at any time and anywhere. They occur at night, early morning, weekends, and holidays. You need a bail bondsman that can get you out fast and who can answer questions at any time of the day.

ASAP Bail Bonds have a 24 hour a day 7 days a week phone service to answer any bail bonds questions you may have. The bail bonds system can be convoluted and confusing. Skip past the jargon by talking to someone who understands it.

We understand that navigating the bail bonds system on your own can be stressful. Depending on which bond you have, it can be extremely easy to make the situation worse. The safe bet is simple, choose us as your Lake Jackson TX Bail Bonds Near Me.

Our experienced bail bondsmen will help you navigate the justice system with ease. No more stress and worry about how you plan to get back home. We have done this many times before and are here to help you in a pinch. This is why we are available all day every day. You don’t have to do this alone. We will be your Lake Jackson TX 24 hour bondsman.

Lake Jackson TX, 24 hour bondsman, Has Your Back

The justice system is daunting and can quickly drain your finances and time. Save some money and time by contacting ASAP Bail Bonds. Our 24 hours a day 7 days a week phone service will get you back on track. Since bail bonds are confusing, it can be challenging to know what to do. And easy to make matters worse depending on the type of bond. Give ASAP Bail Bonds a call at their Brazoria county number (979) 848-2727. Or check out our locations and services. If you are looking for a Lake Jackson TX 24 hour bondsman, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lake Jackson Fun Facts

  • Lack Jackson has the nickname “City of Enchantment.”
  • The city has been around since 1941
  • The first grocery store in the town was opened in 1943
  • Their population was 26,386 in 2000
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