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Are you looking for a Baytown TX 24 hour bondsman? We are here to help you. Having a bail bond is a stressful situation, and you don’t have to go through it alone. With our 24 hour help, we will make sure you get what you need and get your bail resolved.

Any bond you have from cyberbully to domestic violence, we can handle anytime on any day of the week.  There are many reasons to have a bondsman. Here is some of what you need to know about the bail bond process and why a Baytown TX 24 hour bondsman would be an excellent service to you.

Can you pay bail?

When having a bail bond, the first thing people worry about is if they can pay bail. Say you have been asked to pay a $50,000 bail. Most people cannot afford that out of pocket.

However, for the court, it is important to ensure that the jail spaces are limited and that people will return to court to finish their case. This is why they have bail. No matter the stage of the process, people can, in most cases, be released on bail. This is why it is essential to keep your options open and why it would be a good idea to hire a bondsman.

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A bondsman requires a downpayment, which could be $10,000 for a $50,000 bail bond. The bondsman then secures collateral such as a car or a house in case the defendant doesn’t appear to their appointed court date. If the defendant does appear to all their court dates, then their collateral is returned, and the bond is dissolved when the case is finished.

If the defendant doesn’t show up to the appointed court dates, then the court will demand the other $40,000 from the Baytown TX 24 hour bondsman. The collateral that the bondsman was given will be used to pay off the rest of the bail bond. Regardless of if they are guilty or not, if they return to court for their court dates, then the money can be refunded to them if they paid out of pocket. If they paid a bondsman, their collateral is returned, and the bondsman keeps their downpayment as profit.

How Bail is Determined

When the court holds a bail hearing, they are determining how much the bail should be for a specific case. Depending on the case, bail might not be allowed. Courts can deny bail to someone if state law allows it. There is a variety of factors that courts think about when determining whether or not to give bail and how much.

The first factor is how much of a flight risk the defendant is. For people who have more serious cases that can bring a death sentence or prison time, they have a higher risk of fleeing. These can cause a high bail or be a reason to deny bail.

People who own a business or have family in the area are less likely to flee. They have strong ties to the community and wouldn’t likely want to skip town any time soon.

The court is also less likely to impost a high bail for someone who is caring for a family member. This can be their children or their elderly parents.

If someone has a history of not appearing in court, then their bail will go up or depending on the past, bail violations could be denied it entirely. That being said, those that are in the justice system for the first time will have a lower bail.

The court also has to take into consideration public safety. Depending on the crime, if the defendant poses a risk if released. Those charged with terrorism or pose a risk to the community are more likely to be denied bail altogether.

So What Are The Bail Conditions?

When determining bail, the court will also determine conditions, similar to that of probation. If those conditions are violated, then the defendant will be taken back into custody, and any bail that was paid has been forfeited. These conditions are a case by case basis, but here are some that are possible conditions.

If someone is charged for stalking or domestic violence, then chances are they will be given a no-contact order. This order requires the defendant to refrain from contacting the victims of the crime.

Baytown TX 24 Hour Bondsman

Baytown TX 24 Hour Bondsman

The most common one would be pretrial check-ins. Just like probation or parole, defendants on bail have to check in with pretrial service officers. Pretrial service officers monitor the defendant to ensure they are following orders and conditions set by the court.

The court can also require the defendant to remain employed or if they are unemployed to look for employment.

Another common restriction is travel. Defendants who are released on bail are typically not permitted to leave the area unless allowed by pretrial service officers or the court.

Typically defendants are asked to refrain from using drugs or alcohol, especially if their case involves drug possession, drunk driving, or substance-abuse related crimes.

Firearms may be prohibited even if the crime is unrelated to firearms.

Types of Bail

Bail is a bit more complicated than paying a set amount and going free. Depending on the state or jurisdiction, there can be multiple types of bail available to you. Some of these may or may not be available to you, depending on the state you reside in.

Cash bond- is a bond where an arrestee pays cash to get out of police custody. This is typically used with simple citations and is usually determined by the local or state bail schedule. Or, in some cases, by the court after a bail hearing.

Unsecured or signature bond- This happens after the court has a bond hearing and gives a bail amount. However, the defendant does not need to pay cash to be released. Instead, the defendant signs an agreement saying that if they do not appear for their appointed court dates, then they will be required to pay the amount.

Personal recognizes/own recognizes bond- This is also known as an OR or PR bond. Citation and release are similar to an OR/PR bond and only take place after the court has a bail hearing. With this bond, the court will release the defendant on the condition that they show up for appointed court dates and follow all other bail conditions.

How Baytown TX 24 Hour Bondsman Can Help You

If you are looking for Baytown Texas Bail Bonds Near Me, you are in the right place. We can help you find a bonding agent in your area. Anytime. Anywhere. We are here for you with our 24-hour service, where we offer free bail information every day of the week. We are happy to serve the Houston Texas and the harris county area. See more of our locations and find our services here. Or give us a call at (713) 225-2727. We are glad to be your Baytown TX 24 hour bondsman.

Baytown TX Fun Facts

    • The lakes and bays in Baytown are created by the San Jacinto and Trinity rivers, which were formed in the later years of the last Ice Age.

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    • Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecked in Baytown, and later treasure was found under the rule of Jean Lafitte.
    • The second national offshore drilling was done by Goose Creek Oilfield, first offshore drilling for Texas.
    • The San Jacinto monument shares the bay with Baytown. The monument is also known as the place where Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana ending the Texas Revolutionary War in the year 1836.
    • For more fun facts, visit the Baytown website.