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bail bonds service in Port Bolivar, TX

Call ASAP Bail Bonds anytime for a bail bonds service in Port Bolivar, TX you can believe in.

Contact the experts at ASAP Bail Bonds if you need a bail bonds service in Port Bolivar, TX that quickly releases you or your loved one from jail. Our company is said to be the speediest bail bond company in Texas, and we intend to maintain that status no matter the other bail bond companies we are up against.

ASAP Bail Bonds is located in Harris County, Galveston County, Fort bend County, Wharton County, and Brazoria County serving all Texas residents. Those who employ our services will immediately become a priority to our bond agents as they rush to them for the service they deserve. 

Our hardworking agents provide services full of compassion, understanding, and firm support. Our service is as such because our clients are like family to us and will always receive care to match. Bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX is available to all regardless of the charge or bail amount, so call us today via our 24/7 telephone service and ask for a free bond quote!

Check out our rules & regulation online form we provide our clients so they can learn more about our process. We know that many people don’t understand the bail bond process entirely, and we want our clients to get the opportunity to learn what they can. Our rules & regulation form outlines the guidelines we want our customers to follow and state the consequences that will follow if a rule is broken. 

Explanations about our payment processes and requirements are written straightforwardly to guarantee complete understanding for all clients. Even so, if the form is not understandable, you can still contact our agents and have them explain it to you. 

Requesting Our bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX

bail bonds service in Port Bolivar, TX

ASAP Bail Bonds offers free quotes online or via telephone!

ASAP Bail Bonds understands how taxing getting arrested can be and knows that bail set by the court increases the stress the arrest has already initiated.

We want to be the company people think to lean on when they are in these stressful situations, so if you ever find yourself the victim of an arrest, do not hesitate to contact us for bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX.

After getting arrested, the individual is taken to a police station to be booked. After the booking process is finished, the court conducts a hearing during which a trial date is scheduled, and the defendant is assigned bail.

If the defendant pays the bail, they can be released back to their family members and await their trial at home. 

Courts allow those who cannot pay their bail to hire a bail bond company for assistance. Waiting in a cell for the trial to arrive can take a few days, two weeks, a month, or longer. The detained wait can complicate the defendant’s preparation for trial. If the defendant doesn’t want to wait in a jail cell until their trial, it is recommended that they call a bail bond company immediately. 

ASAP Bail Bonds bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX can’t be beaten, so when the court allows you to employ a bail bond company, take action and contact us! Our bail bond agents have extensive knowledge about bail bond proceedings and can take care of you efficiently. 

Important Defendant Information

Our clients must gather the necessary information describing the individual requiring our services before we can send a bail bondsman to pst their bail. The information we need aids our agents in locating the detained individual quickly to assist them.

bail bonds service in Port Bolivar, TX

Use the bail bonds service in Port Bolivar, TX ASAP Bail Bonds provides and prepare for your trial in the comfort of your own home.

The information that must be gathered to receive bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX are the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the full legal name of the detained individual?
  • What is the defendant’s date of birth?
  • Where is the detained individual located (city, state, and jail)?
  • What is the defendant being charged with?
  • What is the amount and type of the defendant’s assigned bail?

The information we need can be given to our agents over the phone, or clients can fill out our online defendant form. The quicker we receive the defendant’s information, the quicker the defendant can be released.

Types of Services We Provide

Our company is here and eager to assist arrested individuals post bail, no matter the type of bail the court assigns them. ASAP Bail Bonds offers many bail bond services to cover all bases. The different bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX our company offers is as follows:

  • Cash bonds – Cash bonds can be paid via cash, credit, or debit. ASAP Bail Bonds can cover any amount the court assigns.
  • Personal bonds (PR bonds) – If the court believes you are a minimal flight risk, they may assign you a PR bail. This type of bond follows a contracted arrangement between the defendant and the judge and doesn’t demand payment. If the defendant fails to follow the ordinances the judge assigns, the PR bond is voided.
  • Surety bonds – This bond is complicated and involves three parties: the surety, the obligee, and the principal. All the risk is placed on the principal as they obtain the bond and carry out an assigned obligation on behalf of the obligee. If they don’t do their duty, the surety reimburses the obligee.
  • Transfer bonds – Texas residents apprehended out of state will need this service. Local bail bond companies are only responsible for the citizens of their own state. Our company can get you freed across state lines with this bond.
  • Federal bonds – This bond can only be given in federal court proceedings. This bond is commonly far more costly than average, but we can still take care of it. 

Please note that it is common for bond offices to accept collateral in place of cash payment. So, if you do not have cash funds to pay, you can use the following forms of collateral:

  • real estate
  • stocks
  • bonds
  • personal credit
  • jewelry
  • owned vehicles
  • bank accounts

Regardless of the bail type the court assigns you, ASAP Bail Bonds is willing to work to get cost covered. Our bail bonds service Port Bolivar, TX is the greatest Texas has to offer, so if you want a speedy release, employ our agents!

Fun Facts about Port Bolivar, Texas:

  • This town is named after Simon Bolivar, a South American hero.
  • The Bolivar Lighthouse, built in 1852, serves as a positive symbol.
  • Port Bolivar is a popular tourist destination famous for fishing, sea bathing, shelling, and birding.