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bail bonds service High Island, TX

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Our Bail Bonds Service High Island, TX Works

In Texas, there are five most common bail bonds: federal bail bonds, transfer bail bonds, personal bail bonds, surety bail bonds, and cash bail bonds. At ASAP Bail Bonds, we offer all of them. As we mentioned above, we have close to 1,000 reviews from all locations, averaging 4.9 stars. Customers have been incredibly satisfied with our services, and we are here to offer the selection.

Based on the nature of the case, we will suggest one of the five bail bond service High Island, TX options.

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal criminal cases differ significantly from local ones. These cases are the most complicated and tricky of them all. Federal bonds take the longest to process due to the higher amount of bail and the time it’ll take to prove that the money or property used to post bail is legitimate. If not adequately handled by an experienced expert, the entire process could drag on for months longer than necessary.

Transfer Bail Bonds

If an individual were arrested in a different state, ASAP Bail Bonds can work with family members to transfer the bail back to our home state. Transfer bonds are important because they allow bails to be processed and posted faster than if left out of state. Not only will out-of-state bond companies hesitate to provide a bond for the defendant’s bail, but the defendant’s family members will also have trouble traveling out of state to complete the necessary paperwork.

Personal Bail Bonds

In cases where the court deems the defendant to be of low risk, a personal bail bond can be obtained with the help of a trusted bond company. In these cases, the defendant will be able to return home without serving jail time, nor will they have to post bail. A contract must be signed stating that the defendant will abide by the law and show up for the court date to steer away from paying bail.

Surety Bail Bonds

Three parties are involved in this bond: the surety, the obligee, and the principal. A friend or family member of the defendant will be asked to pay a mere percentage of the bond in order for the bondsman to pay the rest of the bail. In addition, the family or friend of the defendant will have to sign in their property as collateral in case the defendant fails to show up to court.

Cash Bail Bonds

This is the most straightforward bail bonds service High Island, TX and the most common of them all. If a defendant cannot raise enough money to post bail in cash, debit card, or credit card payments, they will have to seek assistance from a bondsman. This bond is the easiest and fastest to process; contacting a bondsman as soon as possible will speed up this experience.

bail bonds service High Island, TX

ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help you receive the support you deserve, don’t struggle through this alone.

We Understand The Challenges

Figuring out the next steps in our judicial system can be very difficult, especially if a loved one is involved in the situation. For many people, seeing a loved one get taken away can induce long-lasting trauma and significant fear.

To simplify the process and make it seem less intimidating, we’ve broken down the experience into clearer steps.

  1. Arrest
  2. Booking and Processing
  3. Arraignment
  4. Posting Bail

The arrest process takes place the moment a law enforcement officer arrests the defendant for breaking the law. Reasons for arrest include a felony or misdemeanor. The police officer in charge of the arrest will then transfer the defendant to a nearby county jail (or federal) to begin booking and processing.

The second step of the arrest process can feel the longest. The defendant will have their fingerprint collected, photo taken, and personal information recorded during this process. It can feel very intrusive and uncomfortable, but it is necessary to collect all information properly. Also, during this time, the court will run a background check on the defendant, schedule a court date, and determine whether the defendant is eligible for bail.

An arraignment is scheduled if the defendant is eligible for bail. This means that a judge will set the required bail amount for release. Here is the unpredictable part. The bail amount defendants receive differs case by case and is heavily dependent on the severity of the case. At the end of this step, the defendant will have the option to either remain in jail until trial or post bail.

When defendants post bail, they have to pay the full amount in order to leave. Those who can afford it will be able to pay in full with cash, debit card, or credit card. On the other hand, defendants who cannot cover the bail amount themselves can hire a bondsman or bond company.

bail bonds service High Island, TX

Getting a bail bond service is highly suggested to speed up the process of returning to the wonderful Galveston community.

At Your Convenience

No matter where you reside in the Houston Metropolitan area, our bond agents will be able to assist you. Our services cover all major counties in the area, including Harris County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, Wharton County, and Galveston County. In addition, we provide 24 hours of service, seven days a week, at all locations.

Life can get pretty unpredictable, but we are here to help you make things right. ASAP Bail Bonds is the reliable source of bail bonds service High Island, TX you can depend on.

Galveston County, High Island, TX Fun Facts

  • The community of High Island rests upon a salt dome 45 feet above sea level.
  • Oil was discovered in 1916 on High Island.
  • High Island is the only dry land during inclement weather seasons with lots of rain.