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With locations available to serve five Houston-area counties – including Brazoria, Fort Bend, Wharton, and Galveston County – we proudly offer our services to Pasadena and Harris County. No matter where you’re located in Houston, we’re there for you. Discover why our clients come to us first when they’re in trouble.

bail and bond Pasadena, TX

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There’s never a convenient time to be arrested, and what makes it worse is the emotional strain it can put on you and your family. While sitting in a jail cell may not seem like a big deal, your court date may not be set until months from when you’re arrested, which means a lot of wasted time in between that you won’t be getting back.

When your bail amount is set by the court, the most beneficial decision you can make is to post bail immediately. This affords you the opportunity to not only return home while you await trial, but also gives you the time to find proper legal representation and prepare an adequate defense before you return to court.

Unfortunately, more often than not most defendants won’t even bother posting bail. That could be because they can’t afford the amount of money needed to pay for it or they simply lack an understanding of how the bail bond system can work for them. In the event that you’re unable to post bail on your own, hiring a bail bond company is your next best option.

One thing to remember is that not all bail bond companies are the same. There are many different types of bonds, and while their intentions may be good, a less experienced bond company could harm more than help if they don’t know how to properly handle and process a specific bond. You’re trusting this company with your freedom, which makes it crucial to hire one that knows what they’re doing.

Our Bail Bond Services

With years of experience in the bail bond business, when you’re looking for bail and bond Pasadena, TX services that you can depend on, look no further than ASAP Bail Bonds. From the moment we get your call, you’re a priority. We firmly believe that everyone, no matter the charges they’re facing, deserves a fair chance at regaining their freedom.

bail and bond Pasadena, TX

No matter the charges you’re facing, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get released from jail fast.

When you enlist our services, you’re not only getting experienced help but exceptional service. We’re ready to get to work for you and can help you with the following:

Cash Bonds

The most traditional type of bail is a cash bond. It’s essentially a deposit that secures the defendant’s temporary release and is intended to guarantee appearances at all future court proceedings. When a judge issues this bail, it will require full payment with either cash, credit, or debit.

If the defendant is unable to post bail on their own, a bond agent can post bail for them. Once payment is received, the defendant will then be released into the agent’s custody, and it becomes their responsibility to ensure the defendant attends court proceedings.

PR Bonds

Upon review of the defendant’s criminal history, prior court appearance history, and if they’re deemed to be a minimal flight risk, a judge may grant a personal recognizance (PR) bond. These bonds don’t require the defendant to pay bail; instead, the court will issue an order to release the defendant from custody with a set of conditions that they appear for all of their scheduled court dates. If the defendant meets these conditions, then regardless of the trial’s outcome, no bail payment will be required.

Transfer Bonds

When someone is arrested in another state, a transfer bail bond can be posted from their home state. These bonds allow a friend or family member to go to the local bail office and fill out paperwork for the person that was arrested. In these cases, it’s important to hire a bail bond company in the state of residence; one in the state of the arrest won’t be financially liable for the bond.

While these bonds take more effort and time to handle and process, they’re no less effective than any other bond. Unfortunately, due to the added effort involved, they can be more expensive.

Federal Bonds

When it comes to federal bonds, it’s important to enlist the help of a company that knows how to handle them. In these cases, only a federal judge can set bail, which is often much higher than the amount in standard bail cases.

Before doing so, they’ll conduct a bail hearing to decide if bail should even be offered. The court will review the collateral the defendant submits for payment – typically money or property – and determine if it’s legal or illegal. If it’s found to be legal, then the payment will be accepted, the bail will be set, and a bond company will be needed.

Surety Bonds

bail and bond Pasadena, TX

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Another complicated bond is a surety bond. These require three to enter into an agreement together. Those parties are:

  • The principal (the defendant)
  • The surety (the bail bond company)
  • And the obligee (the court)

The court will require the defendant to obtain a bail bond and meet the conditions they set. If the defendant fails to do this, then the bail bond company that’s hired will be responsible for submitting compensation or restitution to the court. The purpose of this bond to protect the court by placing all of the risks on the defendant.

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Arrests are never an easy thing to endure. That’s why we always put our clients first. Discover how our bail and bond Pasadena, TX services can work for you by calling us today.

Fun Facts About Pasadena, TX:

  • John H. Burnett founded Pasadena in 1893.
  • Pasadena, TX is named after Pasadena, CA due to the lush vegetation.
  • Pasadena is known as the strawberry capital of the region.