Avoid Scam Calls for Warrants in Brazoria County

There is currently a SCAM ALERT going around Brazoria County

bail bond agent Brazoria County

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due phone scammers impersonating law enforcement. These individuals are calling residents and threatening them with arrest warrants and pressuring them to pay lump sums of money. Brazoria County Sherriff’s Office will not call and alert a person that they have a warrant. They especially would not pressure individuals into the payment of any kind over the phone.

Additionally, do not be fooled by information manipulated on the caller ID. The scam call usually involves the scammer telling the potential victim they are to surrender themselves to the Sheriff’s Department for arrest or pay a fine to adjudicate the warrant. Furthermore, there are instructions on how to submit payment through an “eGift” cash card or similar payment to a specific account or name of the caller.

As stated before, The Sherrif’s Department will never ask for payment via the phone or negotiate an outstanding warrant for some type of incentive. Be aware that this is happening in our area and spread the word! 

Bail Payment Procedures

Every single jurisdiction has its own policies on how bail is determined and who can and cannot be released. Each jurisdiction also has its way of how bail payments must be made. Usually, the payment process requires the individual to travel to a specific location such as the courthouse or jail. The cashier or clerk at the location is responsible for receiving bail payments. Upon the payer’s visit, they must provide the clerk with specific information such as the name of the defendant, the case number, and the bail amount. The payer is then must pay the appropriate bail amount.

Once the clerk’s office has received the bond payment, the corrections officials who have the defendant in custody will release the defendant from jail. In some cases, the bail release happens almost immediately because most likely, the clerk is located in the same facility as the jail. In other situations, it may take several hours or more for the offender to be released.

Bail payments must be made in cash or with some ofter form of approved payment. All of the following methods are acceptable: debit/credit card, cashier’s check, traveler’s checks, or money orders. Accepted payment amounts vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

If you are in need of any bail bond services, contact ASAP Bail Bonds at (979) 848-2727 today!

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