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How Does Bail Bonds Work?

When it comes to paying bail it can get very complicated. Understanding how bail works are very essential for your future.  Knowing how it works, how the court determines bail amounts, payment methods, and other similar issues is significant for anyone who has been arrested.

Bail explains the release of a criminal defendant or arrestee after an arrest until the end of their case. Bail usually involves the defendant or someone they know paying on their behalf.

This money guarantees that the defendant will return to court and follow all guidelines and terms. Therefore, bail is not a form of punishment.

Bail bond plays a vital role in the criminal justice system. Bonds help with limiting the amount of jail space needed and ensure that people are able to be free during their case.

Generally, any time someone is arrested there will be three possible outcomes which include the arrestee being released, the arrestee being charged and remains in custody, or they are released on bail.

What Happens During an Arrest?

When law enforcement arrest individuals, they physically take them into custody. Typically, people who are taken into custody are placed into a police vehicle and then transported to a correctional facility.

Once there, law enforcement will book the individual. There are times when the police will release arrestees without filing charges.

However, if charges are already filed the defendant will remain in custody until released on a bail, after a bail hearing, or until after their case.

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The Administrative Process (Booking)

During this part of the criminal justice process, the police will perform a series of duties. These tasks involve the following:

  • Taking the arrestee’s photo
  • Recording personal info (name, DOB, and age)
  • Taking fingerprints
  • Confiscating any belongings
  • Searching for warrants
  • Performing a health evaluation
  • Lastly, they place the arrestee in a detainment holding area

Pretrial Release

Following the arrest and booking, there are one of three things that transpire. Firstly, the police can release the defendant with a written statement to appear in court.

Secondly, the police can release the arrestee only after bail has been covered. Lastly, the police can keep the defendant in custody until after the bail hearing.

Depending on the jurisdiction these three options can apply to any given situation. Generally, arrests for low-level crimes such as disorderly conduct will often result in their release with a written notice to appear in court.

While more serious crimes like aggravated assaults will result in the defendant remaining in custody until after the bail hearing.

Bail Conditions

When it comes to making a decision on bail, courts will impose additional limitations. These guidelines are similar to those that probationers have to follow. Therefore, violating these terms can lead to severe consequences. The following items are typical bail conditions:

  • Pretrial Appointments: Similar to checking in with a parole or probation officer, individuals on bail will have to check in regularly with pretrial service officers. These officers make sure that defendants are complying with orders or conditions imposed by the court.
  • No Contact Orders: In situations where the defendant has been accused of stalking, domestic violence, or making threats, the court will impose a no-contact order. Therefore, the defendant is not allowed to contact the victim who they allegedly harmed or intended to harm.
  • Employment: Courts have the authority to require individuals to work during their case. Therefore, if you were unemployed during the time of your arrest, you will be required to seek employment.
  • Travel Restrictions: Individuals who are on bail are usually not allowed to leave their jurisdiction. However, if their officer or the court permits it then it is fine.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol: Typically, bail conditions, especially cases involving substance abuse or possession will require defendants to not use drugs or alcohol at all while on bond.
  • No Guns: Furthermore, bail conditions may require the defendant to refrain from possessing firearms, even if they didn’t possess guns during their arrest.

Following the Conviction or Sentence Bail

In many cases, bail is a possibility even after a person has been charged. Generally, once a court issues a jail or prison sentence, the defendant must start serving their sentence immediately.

For instance, if the court sentences someone to two years in prison, the bailiffs will take the defendant into custody and then proceed to transfer them to a detention center.

Although this happens generally, courts can permit criminal defendants to be released on bail following their sentencing only if the defendant files an appeal.

Take the same individual who is sentenced to two years and they appeal the conviction, the court may allow them to bail until the appeal has been heard by an appellate court.

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Atascocita, TX Fun Facts

  • One of the fastest-growing residential neighborhoods in the nation
  • Atascocita, Texas is located in the northeastern part of Harris County, eighteen miles northeast of downtown Houston
  • Atascocita is bordered by Lake Houston and is home to many parks, golf courses, country clubs, and over 15 established neighborhoods
  • For more info, search Atascocita, TX.