Astro World Concert

Security officers arrested 25 people at rapper Travis Scott’s Astro world concert in Houston, Texas. In addition, eight people were killed, and; hundreds were injured in the Astroworld music festival.

The deaths, injuries, and disasters at the Astroworld events are currently trending on social media outlets. In addition, several people are detained at the Houston police department for trespassing, marijuana possession, and other fraudulent activity.

Astro World Concert Disaster

Live Nation was in charge of event organizing the Astroworld music festival. The festival organizers did an inadequate job planning Travis Scott’s music festival since people stamped, crushed, used illegal substances, and; was under the influence during the concert.

Which resulted in deaths and injuries of people of all ages; including nine-year-old Ezra Blount; who is currently fighting for his life in the hospital. Travis Scott fans crushed nine-year-old Ezra Blount; while trying to push their way in the see rapper Travis Scott’s performance.

In addition, many people suffered from cardiac arrest, and; some died due to the consumption of illegal spiked drugs. Also, in a press release, Houston mayor Sylvester Turner stated that he would conduct a thorough investigation of the tragedies that occurred at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival on Friday night.

Houston police Chief Troy Finner Showed concerns about the safety of Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival; where over 50,000 people from all parts of Texas attended. In addition, Hundreds received injuries on Friday night during the Astroworld events.

Astroworld Festival Crowd Surge

A crowd surge is when a large group of people pushes from the back to get closer to the front. Wich pressed people in the front of the stage, and barricades were nowhere to go. Crowd surges happen in music festivals. Especially when over 50,000 people attend, too, like in Astroworld. Crowd surges can lead to crushing injuries, paralyzation; broken bones, cardiac issues, and laceration.

A crowd surge occurred in Astroworld when Travis Scott got on stage, and; people rushed to come to see his performance. People began to push to try to get closer to the rapper and get a better view. In the process, many people fell to the grown and were injured or killed.

The rapper did not stop his performance despite the chaos that was going on in front of him. Thus many of his fans turned against him and are now suing Travis Scott for the traumatic experience.

Victims Charged Incorrectly at Astroworld Music Festival

Astro world concert

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