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ASAP Bail Bonds is like no other agency! We have the best methods and strategies that guarantee you will get out of jail fast! Our services focus on providing the most dependable results across the nation. When you contact us, we work hard to cover your bond almost immediately. You become our number 1 priority.

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Cash Bail Bonds

This is the most common and traditional form of bond there is. Cash bonds are straightforward and easy to comprehend. These bonds require cash, debit, or credit card payment, and the bond must be paid in full. Therefore, if you are unable to cover this bail, ASAP Bail Bond is here to help you cover the payment. Our agents work with you to post your bail and get out ASAP! The sooner you get us on the phone, the sooner we can prepare you for trial.

PR Bail Bonds

In contrast to cash bail bonds, this form of bail is hard to come by. A PR bond or a personal recognizance bond is granted to the defendant by the judge if the accused is not determined a flight risk. Unlike a cash bond, PR bonds avoid payment of any and rely solely on the arrestee giving their writer word to attend court and leave the state. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are found guilty. There is no bail amount needed because your word confirms the avoidance of payments.

Transfer Bail Bonds

Our primary goal is to fight for our clients to produce a bail bond that gets you out of jail ASAP. This can mean assisting a client that is arrested and in custody in an out-of-state jail. Therefore, if this occurs, then you need what is called a transfer bond. We can help secure your bond here in Texas, releasing you to be returned here with this type of bond.

We assure you that we will make all the necessary calls to connect with you and other officials that require your attention and have you released within a blink of an eye. Therefore, if you are arrested in another state, be sure that you contact a bondsman outside of that state because an agency in your current location is not responsible for your bond.