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Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds can help you get out of jail fast, which is always the best option in these types of situations. After all, nobody wants to spend extra time in jail. If you find yourself in a situation like this, know that you can count on the team of bail bond experts here at ASAP Bail Bonds.

Getting arrested is never a fun experience, but you can make it back home faster if you choose a team that offers Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds. A payment plan allows defendants to purchase bail bonds through installments paid over time. So if a defendant doesn’t want to pay a bond upfront for $1000, they can choose payment plans and pay a down payment of $500 to start. The rest of the amount can be paid in agreed installments.

Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds can get you back home quickly.

Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Stayin in jail longer than required is never in anyone’s plans. Defendants should try to learn about the process of posting bail and pretrial release. Being informed can go a long way in making the entire process much easier.

After an arrest takes place, getting out of jail as soon as possible is the top priority. Unfortunately, the process can sometimes be slow to the point of being unbearable. The good thing is that when it comes to posting bail, it’s possible to do so within a few hours.

In the U.S., everyone is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Once the criminal charges are filed, the case starts and can take months or years before being resolved. While the court hearing approaches, the defendant is still presumed innocent. The government, however, has an obligation to protect the public and has to ensure that the defendants make the court hearing. To help somewhat guarantee the presence of the defendant, courts turn to bail.

Bail is, in a way, a type of collateral. The defendant essentially gives the court money or an interest in property in exchange for pretrial release. The court keeps the “bail” money while the case proceeds. If the defendant makes all the assigned court hearings and obeys the conditions of release, the money paid to post bail is refunded once the case is over.

Sometimes making court dates is difficult, and defendants can’t make it to one. When this happens, the bail money can be forfeited and kept by the courts. Bail money and also be revoked and forfeited if the conditions of release are violated.


Angleton TX Bail Bonds

Knowing how to post bail goes a long way in situations involving arrest.

The amount set for bail is supposed to incentivize showing up to court dates, so the amount required for bail needs to be high enough to show the defendant how much skipping court will cost but not so high that there’s no realistic chance of paying it.

In some states, every defendant has a right to bail out of jail. Some states give judges the power to deny bail under certain circumstances and for certain crimes. Some courts use bail schedules to set the amount for bail. Bail schedules list all the bail amounts corresponding to the crime in question.

A scheduled bail for a crime like grand theft could be $10,000. For more serious crimes, bail schedules might set the amount in the $250,000 ballpark. The quickest way out of jail in paying the bail schedule amount. Defendants can make a full payment to the jail official. Additionally, when the defendants complete their court obligations, they receive a full refund for the bail amount. As the case is ongoing, the government will hold on to the money.

While jail officials don’t usually have the authority to change the amounts listed on the bail schedule, judges do. In some cases, judges may even allow the release of a defendant without any bail. When this happens, judges are releasing on one’s “own recognizance.”

When setting a different bail amount, a judge will hold a hearing in court. The bail schedule will still serve as a reference point, but the judges will also look to the specific circumstances when making a final decision. Some factors that can affect the price for bail include:

  • The seriousness of the offense
  • A defendant’s criminal record
  • The likelihood that defendants will flee
  • The defendant’s financial resources and responsibilities
  • How much danger the defendant poses to others

While these factors don’t have much to do with the crime in question, they do play a part in the judges’ final say. It’s actually not so surprising when two people charged with the same type of crime have totally different amounts of required bail.

When And How To Post Bail

If you find yourself in need of Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds, you might also be considering:

  • Contacting a family member, friend,
  • Waiting to get in front of the judge to see if bail can be reduced
Posting Bail in Angleton TX

We can help you by posting bail on your behalf and getting you back home.

Each option you have comes with its drawbacks. Borrowing from family or friends means that that person is out of those funds until the case is resolved. A bail bond company will charge a 10% fee. Even just staying in jail can cost you a day or more of work and could possibly cost you your entire job.

When you wait to see the judge, you could state your argument for a lower bail amount or even a release on “own recognizance.” Every case is unique, so defendants should evaluate their various options and weigh them against their circumstances.

Once the amount of bail is set, the next step is posting bail. There are different acceptable methods for posting bail that vary for each jurisdiction. Generally speaking, a defendant can post bail by:

  • Paying the entire bail amount
  • Giving the court a security interest in real property
  • Acquiring the services of a bail bond company to post bail

Every jurisdiction has its way of doing things, but defendants should be able to contact the detention center or the court for information on where to post bond. If you choose to go with Angleton TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds as the way to post bail, contact the bail bond experts at ASAP Bail Bonds

Angleton, TX Fun Facts

  • The city is located inside the Brazoria metropolitan statistical area
  • Angleton was founded in 1890
  • The city was officially incorporated in 1912
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