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Alvin, TX Professional Bail Bonds can save you from spending too much time behind bars. ASAP Bail Bonds can help you or your loved one get out of jail by posting bail in a fast and efficient manner. After all, nobody wants to stay in a jail cell for too long. During these difficult times, you can ease up on your worries and leave the Alvin, TX Professional Bail Bonds process to us.

A good way to prepare yourself for the bail bond process is to inform yourself of what the process is like and the nuances involved. Doing so can save you from stress and worry if you or someone you care for ever faces this type of situation.

Alvin TX Professional Bail Bonds

Our Alvin, TX Professional Bail Bonds can help you post bail in a fast and efficient manner.

To begin, you should keep in mind that the laws in Texas may be different from the laws in other states. So if you’re familiar with the bail process in another state it wouldn’t hurt for you to refresh your mind with the differences that you may encounter when facing a problem that requires Alvin TX Professional Bail Bonds.

While the task of posting bail may at first seem complicated, there are actually several ways that you can make it simple. Obviously, the best way to avoid the bail process is not to get arrested. With that said, things happen, and life can be unpredictable.

Having a team of bail bond agents with experience and knowledge of the system can go a long way in helping you get out of the mess quickly and without major setbacks. Here at ASAP Bail Bonds, we aim to provide superior service to each and every one of our clients. Essentially, you can count on us for all things bail bonds in the state of Texas.

Alvin, TX Professional Bail Bonds: Things To Know

The first thing a defendant should know when being accused of a crime is knowing their rights. In the case of bail bonds, you should know that most defendants have a right to post bail. Some exceptions include:

  • Capital Felonies
  • Flight Risks
  • Danger To The Community

There are other factors that can determine whether a defendant has the right to bail. If you want to know more about these factors, there is some great information online, but make sure you are looking at websites that are legit. Generally, you’ll want to look at a website ending with either a .gov or .org. These websites are for the most part reliable sources of information and can help you navigate the ins and outs of Texas Laws.

Defendants have different options to post bail. They can pay out of pocket or they can hire a third-party agency to post bail for them. These Alvin TX Professional Bail Bonds agencies can walk the defendant through the process of posting bail and get them released within hours after the ball is set.

Cost of Bail in Texas

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The amount of bail will be determined by a number of factors. Felonies, naturally, have a higher bail than misdemeanors. In some cases, courts will determine that the defendant should not be granted bail. When bail is denied, it’s usually because the defendant is deemed a flight risk or a danger to the community. Every court has a bond set list, or bond schedule, which gives judges an idea of how much bail should be for different types of criminal offenses. Judges can have the discretion on how much lower or higher the amount should be, based on factors like:

  • The Severity Of The Crime
  • Prior Convictions
  • Active Restraining Orders
  • If The Arrest Happened During Probation

If the charge is very serious, courts have the ability to deny bail completely. Cases like these are capital felonies like murder. When the court decides to deny bail, the defendant has to await trial away from home and behind bars.

On the other hand of the spectrum, you have PR Bonds (Personal Recognizance). Courts will sometimes release the defendant on personal recognizance. PR bonds, as they are called, are cases in which the defendant is released without having to post any money for bail. In exchange, the pre-trial release terms for PR bonds can be stricter.

If you’re wondering if bail can be reduced, the answer is yes. To do so, the defendant must request a bail hearing. The defendant will have to file a motion for bond reduction, and the motion will outline the reasons why bail should be lowered.

During the hearing, both sides will present their cases, the defense for why the bail should be reduced and the prosecutor arguing why it should stay the same.


Bail Bonds in Alvin TX

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Here are some ways that Covid-19 has even affected the way courts view bail bonds. With the constant spread of the coronavirus, some courts are more inclined on reducing bail or granting PR Bonds. This is normally the case with:

  • Elderly Defendants
  • Those With Underlying Health Problems
  • Those Who Already Been Affected

Now if the defendant misses their court date, they will forfeit the money posted for the bond. Furthermore, courts can issue a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. The court will keep all of the money, even after the case ends.

Need Alvin TX Professional Bail Bonds?

While staying out of jail should be the goal, sometimes life throws crazy situations our way. So when you find yourself in need of a bail bond, don’t panic. You can ease your worries and let an Alvin TX professional bail bonds company get you through the other side with no major setbacks. With the right team on your side, all of this will only be a story you can tell in future years.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a minor crime, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help. These situations can be hard to handle and are stressful not just for the individual but their families as well. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these situations and ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help. You can count on us for superior services and efficient Alvin, TX Professional Bail Bonds.

Alvin, TX Fun Facts

  • Alvin was incorporated in 1893.
  • It was the first city in Brazoria County.
  • Its population is over 25,000.