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If you get arrested, then Alvin, TX payment plan bail bonds can quickly get you out of that cold, dark jail cell. All you have to do is contact ASAP Bail Bonds, and we’ll walk you through the entire bail process. Getting out is the priority, and we do our job with a focus on superior quality. So when you choose ASAP Bail, you’re getting premier service and a company that always has your best interest in mind.

Alvin, TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds

You’re familiar with the bail bond process if you’ve been arrested in Texas. After an arrest takes place, the defendant has a chance to get out of jail pretrial as long as they pay the money required by the court. If they pay or post bail, they are able to go home pending trial. When bail is not posted, defendants don’t get to leave jail and must wait behind bars for their pending trial.

Alvin TX Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Alvin, TX payment plan bail bonds get you back home quickly.

The amount required for pretrial release is depended on a few factors, including the severity of the charge in question. There are other factors that may also lower or lift the cost of bail, and they include:

  • The seriousness of the crime
  • Prior convictions
  • Active restraining orders
  • If the arrest happened during probation
  • If the defendant is a flight risk
  • When the defendant is a danger to the community

There are certain cases where courts may feel it’s best to deny bail completely, usually the case with more serious crimes like murder and other capital felonies. When this happens, the defendant has no choice but to await trial behind bars. In cases on the other end of the spectrum, a judge can choose to release a defendant on personal recognizance. These bonds mean that the defendant doesn’t have to pay for pretrial release and can await trial at home. The drawback of PR bonds is that their terms for pretrial release can be stricter.

Can Bail Be Reduced?

Yes, bail can be reduced. The amount of money a defendant must pay can be reduced during a bail hearing. The amount of money that has to be paid for the pretrial release can also be reduced whenever a case is delayed.

Requesting a bail hearing is done by filing a motion for either bond reduction or a writ of habeas corpus. Filing the motion will outline why the defense feels that bail should be lowered. At the hearing, the prosecution will attempt to keep bail the same, so there must be a good reason to think bail should be lowered.

All in all, bail bonds can sometimes confuse and stress people out. Especially those around the defendant who have to experience the effects of the process as well. If you or someone you know is going through a situation involving bail bonds, then Alvin, TX payment plan bail bonds might be a good option.

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While the internet is a good source of information, there is also a lot of misinformation online. So it’s very important that you keep yourself informed by using legitimate sources. You can always rely on our bondsman to learn more about bail bonds. If you have any type of question regarding the matter, give us a call. We are open 24 hours a day.

Costs Of Bail Bonds

Different factors determine what the bail costs will be. The factors include the severity of the charges against the defendant, their criminal record, and the court’s set schedule for bail amounts.

If you know someone that just got arrested and they need Alvin, TX payment plan bail bonds, there’s a way you can help them: bail bonds. The only negative in using bail bonds is the bail amount will probably be higher than if the defendant paid for it on their own. If a payment is missed, the company which issues the bail bond has the legal right to take legal action in order to collect the debt.

Using bail bonds is actually the most common way of paying to await trial at home. With payment plan bail bonds, a down payment is made, and the remaining balance is taken care of over time.

The advantage that makes people love bail bonds is that they don’t have to pay the full bail amount upfront. Instead, defendants can pay a portion of the full amount and the rest over time. This can help their financial situation by helping them avoid having to get a loan or other types of financial assistance.

Ways to pay for bail:

  • Cash bond or check for total bail amount
  • Putting property down worth the full amount
  • Surety bond that guarantees payment of full amount

Once you are free on bond, you will be notified about the time and date you must appear at a court hearing. This notification will be sent to the address you gave the jail you were detained in, so always give the right address or else you won’t get the notification. The responsibility for showing up lies solely on the defendant.

When your court date arrives, go directly to the courtroom on the arraignment date. Inside the court, you’ll be able to find a docket sheet in front of the courtroom. Make sure you’re in the right room. You can confirm the room by looking at the list of defendants. The court will let you know whether you will wait inside the room or wait in the hall for your name to be called.

Bail out of Alvin TX jail

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For any questions regarding your courtroom, check in with the bailiff or the court coordinator. In cases involving bail bonds, defendants must show up in court on the day instructed, or they will forfeit the bail bond. Forfeiting on the bail bond means losing the entire amount of bail money that’s already been paid. Additionally, the court may also issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

Another thing to keep in mind when out on bond is that a judge can set certain terms that the defendant must abide by during their time waiting for trial. As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into the bail bond process. Next time you’re having some coffee, take a look at our services page to learn about our Alvin, TX payment plan bail bonds. 

Alvin TX Fun Facts

  • The city of Alvin was incorporated in 1893
  • Alvin’s cattle industry was big in the 1840s
  • Oil has played a big part in its economy since the 1930s