All About Surety Bonds in Fort Bend County

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There are several types of bail bonds available. However, which one you select will be based on the situation you find yourself in. It is essential to realize that the bail bond system is complex.

Furthermore, knowledge and foresight are essential aspects of being able to navigate it correctly and quickly. This system is under the governance of countless regulations and restrictions, from personal to transfer bonds.

Due to the complexity of this process, it is important to have a bail bond agency that has proven experience working with the system. Furthermore, a courteous and knowledgeable agent who is available to you no matter the time of day is equally essential. When you contact the professionals at ASAP, have peace of mind knowing you will receive the best service.

Understanding the Surety Bond

A Surety Bond is simply an agreement between three people regarding the bond payment obligations. The principal (usually the offender) is responsible for paying 15-20% of the bond upfront. This portion is non-refundable. If the principal attends all court dates and fulfills their obligations as a bondholder, the remainder of the bond payment will not be required. 

However, if the principal skips town, fails to show up for their court hearings, or commits a crime while on bond, this means their bond will likely be forfeit. Additionally, it means that the remainder of the bond payment is due. 

surety bond

Bondsmen can help you keep track of your court dates so you don’t miss a thing.

In the instance that the principal is unable or unwilling to pay the remaining bond payment, the surety or cosigner is required to fulfill that financial obligation. Either way, the obligee, or bail bond agency, is protected from monetary loss.

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