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Affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX from ASAP Bail Bonds is available to Texas residents who get arrested and need help posting bail. Our company is known as the speediest bail bond business in Texas and no matter the competition, we will remain as such. We are conveniently located in Harris county, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Wharton County, and Fort Bend County, and we can be contacted anytime via our 24-hour telephone service.

Our affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX services are highly reliable and are known to reap fantastic results regardless of our client’s situation. When a client contacts an ASAP Bail Bonds agent for help, they immediately become a priority and hold our attention until we can post their bail and release them back to their family members.

affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX

Take advantage of our affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX.

Types of Affordable Bail Bonds Pierce, TX Services 

Different bail types are assigned depending on the defendant’s track record and the charge against them. ASAP Bail Bonds provides many bail bond services to ensure no client is left behind. Our bail bondsmen are equipped with extensive knowledge about the proceedings of all types of affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX to guarantee the help they provide top-tier.

The most commonly assigned bail is the cash bail bond. This type is very straightforward and requires payment in full via cash, debit, or credit. ASAP Bail Bonds can cover no matter how much the court assigns a defendant.

Some bond offices accept collateral in the place of cash, debit, and credit as well. We will work with you and your assets to determine which items can be used as acceptable collateral.

Surety bail bonds are more complex than average affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX. If you need assistance understanding surety bond proceedings, our agents can assist. This bond type comprises three entities: the surety, the obligee, and the principal. Surety bonds can be categorized based on the type of trial the defendant is in.

If the defendant is involved in a trial where a property is on the line, the type of surety bond they may be assigned is called a replevin bond. An injunction bond will be assigned for those involved in trials where a party is being restrained from taking a particular action. The principal obtains the bond and carries out an obligation in the obligee’s stead. However, if the principal fails to fulfill the obligation, the surety must compensate the obligee.

affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX

One of the affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX services we offer is the personal bail bond!

Judges that view a defendant as a minimal flight risk are likely to grant that individual a personal bail bond (PR bond). This type of bond is one of the more favorable ones as it doesn’t require any payment. Those with cleaner track records are likely to receive this bond. Instead of payment, the defendant must enter a contract agreement with the judge.

The contracted agreement states that the PR bond will remain valid if the defendant agrees to adhere to the judge’s guidelines. Guidelines a judge might assign could be that the defendant needs to check into rehab or stay in the city. If the defendant breaks any rules in the contract, the PR bond is revoked, and detainment will ensue.

Our company also offers transfer bail bond services for Texas residents arrested out of state and has the expertise to take care of federal bail bonds that some defendants may get assigned. No matter where Texas residents are in the country, our incredible bond agents can assist them in getting released from incarceration.

It’s crucial that defendants employ bail bond companies that have a complete understanding of the federal bail bond process. These bonds are far more complicated than any other and are often more expensive. If a defendant hires a company that knows little about federal bonds, they can end up in a worse situation than when they began.

Those arrested out of state cannot hire local bail bond companies because those companies are only financially responsible for their own state residents. Contact us for help with your transfer bail bond. Our agents will obtain the bond here and post your bail to get you released.

affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX

Our affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX services are available across state lines for Texas residents.

Take Action to Get Affordable Bail Bonds Pierce, TX!

Arrested individuals usually don’t post bail because they either lack knowledge about the bail bond process or don’t have enough funds. We are aware of these shortcomings and work to remedy them by providing our clients with as much information as possible. Our many online forms are written in plain language so our clients can fully understand everything they need to know.

We want to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you employ our services. Transparency is a big deal in our company, and our forms such as the rules & regulations form help us be as straightforward with our customers as possible. If you are looking to partner with us for affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX you can check out our rules & regulations form to see the guidelines you must follow. 

When someone is arrested and taken into a police station for booking, a hearing is conducted by the court. The hearing will result in the judge assigning the defendant bail and scheduling a trial. If the defendant states they cannot pay the bail, they will have to remain incarcerated until their trial. However, the option to hire an affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX company for assistance is also available if the defendant wants to avoid detainment.

Those who want to avoid waiting in jail should definitely seize the opportunity the court is giving them and contact ASAP Bail Bonds for affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX service. We will need the following information to locate the defendant so we can post their bail and get them released:

  • The defendant’s full legal name and date of birth
  • The defendant’s booking number
  • The location of the defendant (city, state, jail)
  • The charge against the defendant
  • The assigned bail amount

This information can be given to us via our 24-hour telephone service or can be filled out on our online defendant information form. When our company receives the necessary information, an agent will be sent to post bail and release the defendant! Our affordable bail bonds Pierce, TX are a call away, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you realize you need assistance.

Fun facts about Pierce, Texas:

  • Pierce, Texas was initially named Pierce’s Station in 1881.
  • In 1886, Pierce’s Station received a post office and changed its name to Pierce.
  • The town is named after Abel Head “Shanghai” Pierce, a popular cattleman.