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It can be quite a traumatic experience to see a loved one get arrested by a law enforcement member. Not only are they being taken away from you, but you’re probably thinking about how you’re unsure when you’d be able to see them again. Such feelings of fear and anxiety are shared with everyone in the family, and it doesn’t go away with time.

affordable bail bonds Lane City, TX

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Here Are The Events You Can Expect

Knowing the entire process’s time frame and details can help regulate our emotions. At ASAP Bail Bonds, we believe in spreading awareness and knowledge about how an arrest can unfold. The more our community knows about how detainment works, the fewer uncertainties they’ll have to worry about.

The arrest and release process can be broken down into four steps. As the defendant’s family member, this will help you focus on steps in which you can play a large part.

  1. Arrest
  2. Booking and Processing
  3. Arraignment
  4. Posting Bail

A person can be arrested for a number of reasons, ranging in all levels of severity. According to data provided by the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), more than 10 million arrests are made each year. While some may be repeat offenders, more than half of the arrests are made on first-time offenders. Based on charges of a felony, misdemeanor, possession, and minor traffic offenses, a person can be taken into custody.

Once arrested, the defendant is then subjected to comply with a number of requirements. They will have their background checked, their photo taken, and their fingerprint collected by the law enforcement officer in charge of the case. All of the collected information will be passed on to the court to help with the decision-making process. The judge will then decide if the defendant is eligible for bail.

affordable bail bonds Lane City, TX

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After the booking and processing have been made, the defendant gets to hear about their bail amount in their arraignment. A defendant’s arraignment is their first appearance in court. During this event, they will have their charges and other criminal documents read to them. At the same time, the defendant will have the option to either post bail or remain arrested in jail.

To post bail, the defendant must provide the full payment in either cash, credit card, or debit card. If the defendant is unable to post bail, they have the option to hire a bondsman. No matter the legal professional you speak to, almost everyone will suggest posting bail with a bond over taking extra jail time. Depending on the court date, the defendant could be wasting 30 days to 6 months of their lives locked up.

Affordable Bail Bonds Lane City, TX Can Save Lives

affordable bail bonds Lane City, TX

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The negative implications of prolonged jail stays can be severe and irreversible. Studies have shown that confinement can lead to signs of depression, anxiety, and paranoia. The lack of sunlight, internal turmoil, and shock can all be combined to create mental health distress.

Physical health is also at risk. If the defendant is immunocompromised and does not have the proper medication to support them, they’d soon begin to show symptoms of unwellness. The unfavorable situation and symptoms only worsen with more time in jail.

Lastly, there are financial risks associated with prolonged detainment. Missing just a single day of work can result in significant lost wages. Think about the detrimental impact of missing weeks or months of work. Even in normal circumstances, most employees would not tolerate an employee missing multiple days of work without prior notice.

In some families, the defendant may be the sole breadwinner of a large family. Even if they aren’t, they still play a major role as an irreplaceable member of the family. To lessen their suffering, it’s best to acquire our affordable bail bonds Lane City, TX as soon as possible.

All Our Bail Bond Services Are Affordable

Based on the case type and the charge’s severity, a different bail bond is required. ASAP Bail Bonds is proud to serve the Greater Houston area with all the most common services in Texas.

We offer federal bail bonds, transfer bail bonds, surety bail bonds, personal bail bonds, and cash bail bonds. Although the cash bond and personal bonds are the most affordable, we’re able to offer great deals on other bail bonds as well.

Before we can give you a free estimate and decide on the type of bail bond to go with, we’ll need a short list of information to work with.

  • The defendant’s full legal name.
  • The defendant’s date of birth.
  • The booking number the defendant received during the booking and processing step.
  • The location of the jail the defendant is currently held in. This will include the location name and the county it is under.
  • The total bail amount the defendant received.

No matter the bail bond service, our reliable bond agents will be able to expedite the process for you. We have years of experience handling more than a thousand cases for our nearby residents. Trust that we will deliver the affordable bail bonds Lane City, TX you’ve been looking for.

Wharton County, Lane City, TX Fun Facts

  • The county was named after John and William Wharton.
  • Stephen F. Austin’s original colonists led the first settlement in 1846.
  • Wharton experienced faster population growth in the 1930s.