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About Brazoria counties new district attorney Tom Selleck

Brazoria County is proud to welcome the new District Attorney, Tom Selleck, to our county. Tom Selleck is a practicing attorney in the State of Texas and is also a deputy sheriff for The Brazoria County Sherriff’s department.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck, serving the Brazoria county area with pride!

Moreover, he showers himself in memberships from The Federalist Society, State Bar of Texas, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Brazoria County Bar Association.

With his lengthy service to everyone in the Brazoria County area, we are more than happy to welcome him into the Brazoria County family humbly.

What does a district attorney do?

Tom Selleck has the honor of representing our district and protecting the rights of the citizens. During his tenure, he will be responsible for representing the state in felony criminal cases, working side by side with law enforcement in criminal investigations, and ensuring that all cases are presented to a grand jury.

It is his pleasure to ensure that our county and district remain safe at all times through effective justice and leadership.

Overall it is the district attorney’s job to determine, through careful analysis of evidence, whether or not there is legal ground for criminal prosecution through the process of trial. It requires a lot of dedication and practice to become an effective district attorney. Tom Selleck’s experience speaks for itself and we are more than certain that he will fulfil his duties respectfully.

The importance of knowing your representatives

Tom Selleck

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