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A Bail Bonds Service Guaranteed to Help You | Texas City, TX

A bail bonds Texas City TX company you can rely on is none other than ASAP Bail Bonds. We are proud to be the fastest bail bonds company in Texas and offer instant assistance to all local jails and county prisons in Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Wharton County, and Fort Bend County. Please speak with our bail bond experts to learn more about our services.

We provide various services to ensure that your bond needs can be met quickly. No matter the circumstance, we are here to assist you or your loved ones with exceptional services that include helpful payment plans.

We realize that handling bail bonds can get confusing, so we aim to assist you in understanding how to deal with the process by providing all the information you need. We offer all the required forms for our services including defendant information forms, rules & regulation forms, bail bond quotes, and more. Check out our forms and print out whatever you need for a bail bonds Texas City TX services!

a bail bonds Texas City TX

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Types of Bail Bonds

The following bail bond services that ASAP Bail Bonds provides are cash bonds, surety bonds, transfer bonds, federal bonds, and personal bonds. Cash bonds are the most common type of bond. Sometimes you may find that you don’t have enough cash in your pocket to post bail. ASAP Bail Bonds is readily available to cover any cash bond you are assigned.

If you’re paying bail through a third party, this is when our surety bond services become helpful. A surety is a bail bonds Texas City TX type designed to ensure an assigned obligation is carried out and if not, compensation is paid. Surety bonds consist of three entities: the principal, the obligee, and the surety.

a bail bonds Texas City TX

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The bond transaction begins with the principal obtaining the bond that ensures said principal will perform an obligation to the obligee. If the principal is unsuccessful in carrying out the obligation, the surety will compensate the obligee in the principal’s stead.

Personal bail bonds entail a set of guidelines assigned to the defendant by the judge.

The judge only grants this type of bond if they believe that the defendant is a minimal flight risk. In the case of a personal bond, you must follow the rules the judge assigns. The rules a judge can put in place can be refraining from alcohol or attending every court date.

Those granted a personal bail bond can avoid remaining incarcerated and not have to post bail. This type of bail bond is a contracted agreement; if the defendant breaks the contract, it can become invalidated. When the contract is invalidated, the defendant will be jailed once more.

Sometimes you or your loved one can experience trouble getting apprehended outside Texas. ASAP Bail Bonds provides a bail bonds Texas City TX service that deals with out-of-state defendants called transfer bail bonds. This type of bail bond usually takes longer than other bonds, but it aids incarcerated individuals in any jail outside Texas.

Lastly, ASAP Bail Bonds provides bail bond services for federally sentenced individuals. Only federal judges can assign federal bonds which are more expensive than the average cash bond. No matter the fee amount, however, ASAP Bail Bonds can assist.

Take Action To Get A Bail Bonds Texas City TX

a bail bonds Texas City TX

ASAP Bail Bonds is a bail bonds Texas City TX company eager to get you home quickly and safely.

Getting arrested or discovering that a loved one has been arrested is quite a challenging experience. From arrest to preparing for and attending assigned court dates, the entire process can be a lot to deal with.

When bail is added on top of these experiences, the burden can become intensely complicated.

We know that this can be difficult for some people to understand and we are here to walk you through the necessary steps.

When the time when bail is set arrives, you are given the opportunity to pay the amount.

If you discover that the set bail is far too expensive for you to pay it on your own, ASAP Bail Bonds is here to provide solutions.

When you partner with us, the stress of dealing with the bail payment is lessened, and we can get you home on the same day the court sets your bail.

Upon an arrest for a misdemeanor or felony, the defendant is taken to a police station to get booked. After the booking, the court will hold a hearing during which a court date is scheduled, and a bail amount is set. If the defendant cannot pay the bail amount, they must remain in the jail facility until the assigned court date.

When the court date arrives, a trial commences to determine if the defendant is innocent or guilty. If you or your loved one is found not guilty, all the days you spent waiting in jail will be a waste! It is better to get that bail paid so you can spend the time you have to wait in the comfort of your home.

Those who cannot pay bail will get the option to hire a bail bond company, like ASAP Bail Bonds, to post bail in their place. Bail bond payments ensure that you or your loved one will return to court on the assigned dates. By showing up to the court as promised, the bail posting is guaranteed to be returned, after 30 days, to whoever paid the amount. Not showing up for an assigned court date forfeits the bail.

Before contacting us, ensure you gather all the relevant information needed to employ the services of our company. Information like the location and type of facility you are in, your full name and date of birth, and the amount of bail is vital to us. Once we have this information, we can speedily get you out of incarceration!

ASAP bail Bonds wants to be a bail bonds Texas City TX you can rely on!

Fun Facts about Texas City, TX:

  •  In 1908, Texas City Oil Refining Company started the first Texas City refinery.
  • W. P. Tarpey was elected as the first mayor of Texas City in 1911
  • Captain Augustus B. Wolvin was one of the first investors in the city of Texas City