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When you need the help of a bail bonds 77469 company, ASAP Bail Bonds is the agency to call! We are a full-service bail bond agency that understands the stress of being accused of a crime and are here to help. For years, our team has provided outstanding service to families and friends in need.

We’re bonded, insured, and have passed an extensive background check to become a member of the Better Business Bureau. Here are FAQs we can help you with:

  • Need help understanding your bail amount? No problem! Our experienced team is ready to assist you with making bail payment arrangements. Our agents are the foremost bail bond experts in the entire Houston area and can help you understand all the terms in your bail bond agreement.
  • How long do I have to pay my bail? You will have to pay your bail in full each month or each week until your case is resolved.
  • How much money do I need to post as a bond? Your bail amount depends on the severity of the charge and whether you are a defendant or a criminal suspect. The bail amount is determined by a judge and can range from $500 to $50,000, depending on the nature of the offense.
  • What happens if I miss a payment? If you miss a payment, your bail could be released, which could result in your arrest. If you are already in custody, your bond will be raised, and it could cost more to post it. It may take up to three days after posting before the court will allow you to appear before a judge.

The process is very confusing and difficult to navigate through. It’s important to have an experienced agent help you as soon as possible to determine how to proceed with bail. Don’t spend another night in jail! Call today to discuss how we can help.

We Are A Bail Bonds 77469 Agency That Cares

a bail bonds 77469

We are a bail bonds 77469 company that will put our agents against any in the nation!

The Houston area is one of the most populous areas in the country and is home to a large number of bail bond agencies. As a result, the bail bond industry is extremely competitive in this area. That means that bail bonds companies all throughout Houston are trying to one-up each other to the detriment of Houstonians.

However, when you do business with us, instead of profits, we will focus on you and your family. Bringing you or your loved one home from the hell hole we call jail is our number one priority. That’s why we offer exceptional bail bonds at all of our locations.

When you contact us, let us know the charge(s) and we will call your local jail to see if you are able to post bond. If so, we will be able to give you an exact amount it will be. In most cases, you will be able to post bail at your set bail amount.

However, some state statutes note that the court may increase or decrease the amount of the bail, depending on the seriousness of the charges and the person’s financial ability to meet those obligations. If you cannot post bond, there are many resources available to assist you. Give a bail bonds 77469 company like us a call, and we will help you figure out all your available options!

Bail Bonds Process

a bail bonds 77469

A PR bail bond is a fast way out of county jail if you qualify for one!

A bail bond is a type of bond that is posted by a bail bond company on behalf of a defendant in order to secure their release from jail. The bail bond company will charge the defendant a non-refundable fee for this service. The bail bond company will then post the bail bond with the court, which will allow the defendant to be released from jail.

To be eligible to get a bond, a defendant must not be charged with a violent crime, such as murder, sexual assault, or arson. While a judge may order someone to pay a bond, they cannot be required to do so. If the defendant pleads not guilty, then the judge must set bail during the pretrial hearing. The accused also has the right to waive this right and be released on their own recognizance.

The bail amount also depends on whether the defendant is considered a high, moderate, or low risk. High-risk defendants are more likely to flee, so the court will set higher bail amounts. High-risk defendants also have more prior convictions. If you are a high-risk defendant, give us a call, and we’ll see how we can help you save money!

Cash, PR Bail Bonds, & More!

a bail bonds 77469

Our service area includes most of the greater Houston area. Call now!

Cash Bail Bonds: When it comes to getting out of jail, nothing works as easy as our cash bail bond services. This is because most people are able to secure a cash bail amount when incarcerated. After you are given this bail amount, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call! We will rush to wherever you are being held and make sure you are released ASAP!

Personal Bail Bonds: While cash bail bonds are the most common assistance we offer, PR bail bonds are likeliest the fastest way out of county jail. To qualify, you must have little to no criminal history and not be a flight risk. The best part about this assistance is there is no out-of-pocket cost! Call to see if you qualify today!

Other Services We Offer: We also offer transfer, surety, and transfer bail bond services. Give us a call if you want to learn more about these types of bail bonds today.

Call ASAP Bail Bonds Now!

No matter what type of charge you are accused of, you shouldn’t spend one second longer in that god-forsaken place. Therefore, call our Fort Bend office today and obtain the services of a bail bonds 77469 that cares!

Fort Bend, TX Fun Facts:

  • Fort Bend County was founded in 1837.
  • Karankawa natives once roamed the plains of Fort Bend before any western settlers arrived.
  • In the early 1920s, oil was discovered in Fort Bend County.
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